Denise Harvester is the rival of Mitchie O'Hara, the love interest of Morton Bradford and the worst nightmare of Scott Lawton appearing in Accidentally Adventures and its spin-off crossover: The Mitchie and Amethyst Show. She has orange hair and blue eyes. Her main outfit is composed of: a light yellow short sleeved shirt, blue denim skirt, red and pink longstockings and black loafers. She is voiced by Cheryl Chase. At her age, she is 14 years old.


  • Marina Harvester and Austin Harvester (Parents)
  • Morton Bradford (voiced by Danny Cooksey) (Love Interest)
  • Mitchie O'Hara (Rival)
  • Scott Lawton (Biggest Fan)


  1. Feeling alike to Morton
  2. Doing her fine work
  3. Admiring her looks


  1. Getting yelled at
  2. Doing bad times
  3. Ruining her looks

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