Denise Harvester is the rival of Mitchie O'Hara, the love interest of George James III and the worst nightmare of Scott Lawton appearing in Accidentally Adventures. Voiced by Cheryl Chase, she has orange hair, blue eyes and wears a light yellow short sleeved shirt, blue denim skirt, red and pink longstockings and black loafers. At her age, she is 13 years old.


  1. Marina and Austin Harvester (Parents)
  2. George James III (Love Interest)
  3. Mitchie O'Hara (Rival)
  4. Scott Lawton (Biggest Fanatic)


  1.  Being nice to George
  2.  Admiring Scott
  3.  Getting along with friends


  1.  Her rivalry with Mitchie
  2.  Getting busted
  3.  Losing her focus

List of Five Things that she admired Scott Lawton

  1.  Dating him
  2.  Going on a trip with him
  3.  Marrying him
  4.  Giving him a reward
  5.  Using flowers for him


  1.  She is one of the following girls to ever be rivals with Mitchie
  2.  Her feelings are for her love interest George
  3.  She is the top redhead in all of Allington
  4.  Her hobby is to rock along
  5.  Because she is 13 years old, she shares her longstockings with her rival
  6.  Scott is one of the boys she admires him

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