Dennis the Lazy Diesel

Dennis in Thomas's Day Off.

Number D40
Class Lazy Diesel, petty scam artist, one of the Diesel High Priests
Livery Grey
Line Lazy Diesel
Built 1949
Affilations Diesel Empire, Neutral, later good
Designers Sir Oliver Bullied
Gender: Male
Date to Birth

December 10,


First Appearance Thomas's Day Off
Voice actors    Gabe Knouth (Disability Challengers Farnham)

Dennis the Lazy Diesel is the Fat Controller's number D40 engine. He was a very lazy diesel, essentially a male Daisy. He tried to con Thomas into doing all his work.


  • Season 6 - Scardey Engines (cameo)
  • Season 9 - Thomas' Day Off and Thomas and the New Engine (cameo)
  • Season 17 - Steamie Stafford (cameo)


  • The Great Discovery (cameo)
  • Tale of the Brave




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