Dennis Works It Out is a Potential Plotline episode.


One winter day Dennis is taking some trucks to Great Waterton when he runs into Harold and Arthur, who warn him the shorter line is blocked due a snowfall. Dennis ignores their advice, but gets stuck in the snow. Dennis decides to listen to Hopper's advice and gets to Great Waterton safely.

Characters Featured

  • Billy
  • Arthur
  • Dennis
  • Duck
  • Harold
  • Hopper
  • Troublesome Trucks


  • This is based on the episode, "James Works It Out".


  • When Dennis is cleaned he goes from happy to surprised, but his smile is still visible behind is smile expression
  • When Dennis gets stuck in the snow, more snow falls on his trucks.
  • It would be dangerous for Dennis to use Hopper as a snowplough, as this would damage his buffers.
  • When Dennis arrives at Great Waterton, Billy and Duck have no snow on them.
  • Dennis should have a breakvan at the front of his train.
  • Wasn't going down the hill fast Dennis' ornigal idea before they get stuck in the snow?
  • Wouldn't it be dangerous for a train t be pushed in snowy weather?
  • Wouldn't Dennis have asked Hopper to stop telling him what to do?
  • How did Dennis hear Hopper from when they appear and then reappear.
  • Dennis has a clay face on when he says "We did id Hopper well done".
  • Billy's mouth doesn't move when he says he is ready to go to Great Waterton.


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