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Department For Extra-Human Affairs

The Department For Extra-Human Affairs (DEHA) is a governmental organisation within the Four Colour Collective (FCC) Modern Day Universe.


The DEHA as a government body has come into existence only recently, before being an unofficial organisation with only minimal support from the American government, and largely a think tank and research lab concerning the Extra-Human community. Since the late sixties it has been a recognised body, but only with the advent of the Patriot Actors has it truly come into the public spotlight.


The position of Director has always been filled by a regular human, to offset the power of its many Extra-Human members. It has many different branches and sub-branches, each that serve differing purposes. By far its largest sections are its Branch For and Education and Research, which organises education for young Extra-Humans and studies their abilities throughout their lives, the Extra-Human Defence Branch, the public body of which is the Patriot Actors, and the Public Relations Branch, which promotes and endorses a positive image concerning Extra-Humans to the outside world. It also has many secret branches for more covert operations.

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