The Department of Air Defense in Tresedia is based on Former Akali doctrine. The structure takes the form of four full brigades. Each brigade has a brigade commander which is called the Airdefense operational Commander (ADOC) The ADOC has authority to fire on hostile aircraft with out orders from a HQ element. This allows the Tresedian ADOC commanders top react quickly to defend Tresedian airspace. Each brigade is made up of six companies, with two company commanders. These are usually junior commanders with an engineering or aerospace background. Tresedia has yet to implement a ground based space defense network bigger then a company. Due to the advanced nature of the technology, the ground based space defense squad assigned to the company is deployed when needed. They are highly combat ineffective.

ADEF CO should use the 7d7 vs level 4 AC or lower ADEF Squad should use 1 d 100 vs level 1 reentry vehicles or size 7 RV and higher space based fighters

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