Narrator: It was a depressing day in Sodor, Stanley trundled slowly into Knapford Station and he was in a lot of pain in his fire box, and Oliver was there too.

Stanley: “Oh, Oliver, I’m in a lot of pain in my firebox, I can’t handle this heavy load, can you take it for me, please?”

Narrator: Oliver snorted.

Oliver: “No way, Stanley, do your own work, us railroad engines are expected to do our own work, so get back to work.”

Narrator: Stanley sighed depressingly then he struggled outta Knapford station.

Narrator: Toby was speaking to Emily and Neville by the water tower when Stanley arrived.

Emily: “Good grief, are you alright, Stanley?

Neville: “You look real bad.”

Toby: “How shocking.”

Narrator: Stanley looked at Neville with 1 single tear drop in his right eye.

Stanley: “Oh, Neville, I got such a terrible pain in my firebox, I asked Oliver to help me, but he won’t.”

Narrator: Emily, Toby and Neville were feeling terribly sorry for Stanley.

Neville: “I’ll tell you what, Stanley, I'll take that load for you.”

Stanley: “Are you sure about this, Neville?"

Neville: “Of course, Stanley, I can’t stand seeing a brave railroad engine struggling.”

Narrator: Stanley managed to smile at Neville.

Stanley: “It's very heavy.”

Neville: “I’m used to it, Stanley, I pull the express and that’s very heavy.”

Emily: “Go and rest at the roundhouse, Stanley, we’ll see you later.”

Stanley: “Thanks a bunch, you guys………….”

Narrator: The signal guard uncoupled Stanley from the train and he trundled back over to the Roundhouse.

Narrator: Neville was coupled up to Stanley’s train, then he trundled away.

Narrator: Stanley struggled along the railroad tracks, the pain was unbearable and suddenly……>BLAST Stanley’s firebox exploded and Neville, Emily and Toby began feeling a sudden tremble.

Emily: “What the heck was that?”

Neville: “I don’t know, Emily.”

Toby: "Let's go check it out."

Narrator: They trundled further down the line, Henry was there and he was with Stanley.

Narrator: Neville gasped in shock, Stanley was all burned up.

Neville: “Good grief, what the heck happened?”

Henry: “I don't know, Neville, I just felt a sudden tremble and I came to see what it was and I found Stanley like this."

Neville: “Whatever it was, it just took his entire life away.”

Emily: “Oh that poor Stanley, Thomas, Percy, Toby and Rosie will be depressed as usual.”

Henry: “I agree to that.”

Neville: “I know he needed some help, I'm actually lucky I helped him.”

Emily: “But Oliver didn’t, it might’ve been his entire fault.”

Henry: “I don't think it was Oliver’s entire fault, Emily.”

Neville: “This could the work of something."

Henry: “Or somebody.”

Emily: “I guess we’ll never know just now.”

Narrator: Toby, Emily, Henry and Neville sighed heavily.

To be continued.........

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