(Dêh´•rêk•hêl•êk•’m) The Galach literal translation of this Enochiian phrase is, “the Pathway of the Travelers”. This is the curriculum of the Enochiian School of Equinox. The phrase has multiple levels of meaning: In a literal sense the apprentices of the School progress from Hall to Adeptii Hall as they progress on their individual journeys of discovery, learning and experience. This progression passes through each of the Cardinal Halls from Beshrith to Shabbaas, but there are many side-steps into the ordinal and variable Halls that adjusted to the individual needs of the helekiim.

The helekiim of the Enochiian School travel on journeys of discovery to each of the ten cardinal Adeptii Halls located on the northern and southern tropical latitudes equidistant around Equinox. This journey is a progression in four circuits of learning and experience. At each echelon of the circuit the helekiim focuses on one of four aspects of sentient existence. On the first circuit the helekiim learn to experience the Universe through the paradigm of matter. During the second through the fourth circuits of the Adeptii Halls the travelers focus on the enrichment of their consciousness. On the second circuit the travelers learn to experience the Cosmos through the paradigm of thought. On the third circuit the helekiim learn to experience reality through the paradigm of pattern. On the fourth and final circuit the helekiim learn to act on reality through the paradigm of elemental force.

The travelers are assigned a mentor/guide by the Adeptii. This mentor may be a helekiim of advanced rank or in special circumstances, such as those surrounding the derek’helek of Joshua Sinclair; the Adeptii may elect to project themselves in the form of a human mentor. Joshua Sinclair’s mentor/guide was the ancient mage Ba’alethazir because of the mage’s relationship with Joshua’s ancestor Jeheshua ben Josef.

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