Derek-Brian, Alan




Pool Manager-Alan


Kumi's mom-Ivy

Kumi's dad-Young Guy





Kumi was going swimming with her mom and dad. Meanwhile, Derek went into the pool manager's office. Kumi got into her swimsuit, which was a bikini. Derek changed his voice to Alan. Kumi was going swimming when she heard an announcement that there was thunder. Kumi didn't care about the she went back in. Kumi's choice of going back in was good because the announcer reported that there wasn't thunder. The pool manager came in. Kumi spoke and confirmed that the drill was actually fake. Derek got banned from the pool and got grounded.


Kumi: Hey mom and dad!

Kumi's mom: What is it Kumi?

Kumi: Can we go swimming?

Kumi's mom: Sure.

(at pool)

Derek: I'm going to make a fake pool drill.

(back to Kumi and her parents)

Kumi: I'm going to get into my swimsuit.

(Kumi gets into bikini)

(at pool manager's office)

Derek: Now to change my voice to Alan.

(After pulling vocal cords)

Derek (Alan's voice): Oh my god, pulling my vocal cords hurt! So now here it goes.

(cuts back to Kumi swimming)

Derek (Alan's voice over intercom): Attention swimmers! Please exit pool immediately because we hear thunder! Anyone who swims during 30 minutes will be banned from this pool for one month. Repeat, anyone who swims during 30 minutes will be banned from this pool for one month.

(normal voice) Now to go outside.

Kumi: I want to go swimming.

Kumi's mom: Sorry Kumi, the pool manager said that there was thunder.

Kumi: I don't care about the thunder. I will go in myself.

Alison: Kumi, get out of the water or you'll get banned!

Zara: I agree with Alison. Get out of the water now!

Announcer: Attention swimmers!

Ashley: Shut up you two and listen to the announcement.

Alison: Ashley's right, listen to the announcement.

Announcer: It has been reported that this drill was fake. There was no thunder. You can go back in the swimming pool and have fun.

Pool Manager: What is going on here and why are you swimming Kumi?

Kumi: The announcer told us to go back in the pool and have fun.

Pool Manger: But I thought that there was thunder.

Kumi: There is no thunder! Someone made a prank! Find that person and send him home!

Pool Manager: Oh! (12X) He should be grounded! Thanks for telling me that!

(at office)

Pool Manager: Why are you here? I know. You pulled your vocal cords so that you would sound like me and made a prank drill! This act will get you banned, which is happening now!

(at Derek's house)

Derek's dad: Derek, how dare you fake a pool thunder drill! You know that's wrong and can get you arrested!

Derek's mom: I agree. You're grounded!

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