Making a New Page

If you havn't done a Wiki before, they can be rather scary. But they're relitivly simple- if you want to start a new page, just go to the place it's going to be ( new page name) and type away.

If you want to link to a different page (which you'll want to do to get a good storyline going) type in:

[[the bit that comes after ''| The nice blue words people have to click on to go there.]]

The | in the middle is very important.

If you start a new page, do make the address


That way it keeps it all neat and tidy if you want to start a page with the same title as another Wiki on the site.

Also, put '[[Category:Derrick's World]]' somewhere on the page.


Don't do any child porn, any jokes about toilets or anything sexy unless you've got my approval first. If you do have a sexy bit, please send it to me via some method of communication for my reading and judgment.

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