Integration means that people who migrated to a country ( e.g., Germany ) are made like the "natives" who were born and grew up in this country. Advantages of the integration are, that migrants learn everything they need to live in this country's society and don't have some problems any more. The diadvantages are, that they become totally similar to the "natives", with all the problems of the "natives" like prostitution, youth criminality and so on. An attempt to solve that could be "desintegration", when people are made different to the "natives" or generally to the majority of the society, when the start to think in other way than the rest of the society. The expected result of desintegration is e.g. decrising of youth and generall criminality, generally that these people wan't have many of problems the rest of the society has. An example of "desintegration" can be when people make a group of interest.

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