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  • Gru as Sonic
  • Dr. Nefario as Tails
  • Mr. Perkins as Knuckles
  • Margo as Sally
  • Edith as Amy
  • Agnes as Cream
  • Vector as Dr. Eggman
  • Gru's Mom as Sally's Mom
  • Minions as Chao
  • and more
                                           Version 2

  • gru as sonic
  • dr. Nefario as tails
  • cosmo or sally as Margo
  • edith as rouge
  • agnes as cream
  • vector as dr. Eggman
  • lucy as Amy
  • gru's mom as jewly
  • chao as minions
  • knuckles as mr. Perkins
  • and more

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