Don't delete but you can add.

Picture Taken Man#1 as Thomas

The Pyramid Man as Edward

Homer(from The Simpsons) as Henry

German Kid`s Father Making Toast(from Angry German Kid) as Gordon

Gru as James

Angry German Kid`s Friend(from Angry German Kid) as Percy

Plato(from Garfield and Orson`s Farm) as Toby

Justin`s Dad as Duck

The Clowns are Donald and Douglas

Agent Darwin(from Disney`s G-Force) as Oliver

Picture Taken Women#2 as Emily

Miss Tiny(from Dynamite 64`s Mr Men Movies) as Rosie

Egypt Cops are Bill and Ben

Justin as Diesel

Patty(from The Simpsons) as Annie

Selma(From The Simpsons) as Clarabel

The Nightmare Before Christmas Mayor as Sir Topham Hatt

Barry B.Beinfeld(from Bee Movie) as Toad

Chuck Norris as Bulgy

Animal as Neville

King Kong as Cranky

Picture Taken Women#2 as Daisy

Feathers as Fergus

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