Destination Imagination:

Is a popular movie from fosters home from imaginary friends, it has an elongated amount of time from normal episodes, up to 1:30 minutes, it stated as the end of the series in the timeline.


The movie begins on a rainy night as two parents take a toy chest with chains all around it and a large lock and put it in the trunk of a car, a young boy comes up to them, and the dad say he is taking "it" to a place were "it" can't keep him away from them anymore. The next morning Franky is woken up bye Mr. Harryman wakes her up on the comm, Franky goes through the rooms to eventually come to bloo, macs, wilts, cocos, and eduardos to find everyone exuasted except for bloo (who is snoring considerably loudly), Franky returns to the couch in her room to have Mr. Harryman call her again (this repeats 2 times) and eventually rather then Mr. Harryman she is asked for something by a young girl (and the same thing from the rest of the imaginary friends) Franky goes to her bead exuasted just about to start reading her magazine just to fall directly to sleep.

The next day in the afternoon, Mac runs up to Franky saying its a disaster and explains the whole problem with which Franky sorts out, after that Mr. Harryman has her take out the trash even though its a week early, as Franky is walking out the door she trips on the same toy chest from the beggining, she tells Mr Harryman she needs to let the imaginary friend inside out, but Mr Harryman won't let her and even calls her opinions "missguided" and telling her to take the toy chest to the attic angering Franky to almost punching him, but she carries the toy chest to the attic and briefly exits the room to bust right back in and tear the lock off the chains and open the chest, thus falling in and crashing into an entire world, she finds that the trees are cardboard and takes a crayon from a plant and righting down a small comment on Mr Harryman snickering about it, and as soon as she finishes a faceless ragdoll-lik puppy sprints from a bush, Franky calls the puppy over discovering the grass is really just a carpet when the puppy comes back over many other animals who have the same propertys as the puppy walk over, suddenly a voice starts talking to Franky showing her a place that Franky really liked, Franky explained her whole life to the voice.

The next day Franky did a number of chpres and after something that almost makes her start all over comes on she returns to the world (this happens twice) eventually when she has to leave to re-pathe the driveway the voice askes if she really has to go and all the windows and doors shut.

Mr Harryman is inspecting the house all over to find the place completely trashed and heads up the stairs to the attic discovering the toy chest is opened angered and threatening to fire Franky when he finds her, the friends enter the world in search of Franky.

heading to town finding that everyone was faceless, couldn't speak and stays on a designated path. until they are chased 5 faceless and 1 faced cop into the river, were they are rescued bye the hero who, as soon as they land tries to send them away to there own home until they prove to him they want to stay and find franky then they venture through: The Fields Of Aprehension, The Jungle Of Eggasperation and The Sea Of Inconvieneance. They make it to The Bridge Of Unadulterated Agony were bloo underestimates it becuase of its childish appearence but the second time they almost make it accross until the hero purposly takes a wrong step and they plumit to the valley below covered in strange gum-like material that makes a copy of them, they began getting chased by stange zombie-like copys of them into a strange area were the almost get trapped by the zombies but are rescued by the hero who holds off the zombies while the friends leave and hit an emerald after being shot out of the cannon and landing while a pupp bursts out of the purple ball thanking them for "rescuing" him they go with the puppy.

at the puppys house eduardo fights bloo after bloo caled him a "scaredy baby", after the fight the puppy takes crumpets out of an oven and puts a generous amount of powdered sugar on them, the friends all ate one crumpet but the puppy didn't, everyone fell asleep after eating the crumpets. The next morning everyone is tied to the chairs they were on while the puppy states the powdered sugar is really sleeping powder and laughing maniacly but figures mack didn't eat any of the crumpets while eduardo tackles the puppy and ties it to one of the bean bags the puppys face comes off and slides onto a faceless squirrel with a top hat and runs away saying "sionora suckers!" and laughs while running out, the friends chase te face on each of the forms until he takes the form of a gigantic fire screaming that they will never find Franky.

Eventually Coco puts out the fire and the face takes over a wooden eagle on a totem pole and flies and crashes into the table which each dish and fruit was removed until the face was trapped in an apple, then the friends leave him in the desert where he can't escape, eventually a faceless horse comes along and gets taken over by the face and is taken to the castle were franky is, the friends come from the horse inside Frankys room and she is happy to see them.


.The puppy that imprisoned the friends was the same that greeted franky when she first arrived

.this movie marked the end of the timeline


.When all the characters in the cop chase scene in the funhouse all come out for a few seconds, the one closest to the camera has no arms.

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