A member of the Fanfiction Author Fighters who is half-human, half-machine. Goes by the name Mega Man NG which the NG means Next Generation. A young man that has a liking for video games old and new and is always ready to anything to help anyone.


Name: DestinyZX

Real Name: Jose Vega

Age: 23

Location: Bronx, NY

Occupation: College Student

Interests: Video games, wrestling, college, anime, his girlfriend/fiancee

Hobbies: Schoolwork, playing games, writing fanfics, making videos

Marital Status: Taken

Likes: his girlfriend/fiancee, video games, college life

Dislikes: Flamers, bad luck

Fav. Shows: Talk shows, The World's Dumbest, WWE wrestling


Was once a human being with a passion for life and a determination to help out anyone or anything. But fate had other plans as his life was taken away in a tragic incident where an evil reploid named Bass attacked him and left him for dead. After an extensive operation, his mind which contained all his human memories were transferred into an experimental next generation robot called the NG-001. When it was activated, the robot then became known as Mega Man NG as his objective was to defeat the evil Dr. Wily who wants to use robots to control the world.

Special Powers

He has the ability to fire a blast of pure concentrated plasma energy from his arm cannon called Mega Buster NG. The blast can pierce even the thickest of metal. He has a weapon converter which allows him to copy and acquire weapons from fallen robotic foes. The unique ability allows him to handle any situation no matter how tough it gets. An additional ability called the Battlechip Gate allows him to use various different battlechips ranging from offensive, defensive to even recovery. If certain battlechips are used in unison, a Program Advance is triggered allowing him to use an even more powerful attack. At times, he can use the strengths of foes whose hearts bond with him to form a Soul Unison which can give him various strengths.

Family and Friends

The only family he has is the one he truly loves, a Manakete (half-human, half-dragon) named Shelby Pytlak who is more known as Dragonroar who to him is everything. She is currently his fiancee and are expected to be wed soon... but not too soon. His friends are his fellow author fighters such as DarkMagicianmon, Hikari Ino, Airnaruto45, Darth Ben Valor and many others.


He has various stories ranging from simple one-shots to crossover stories which cover Yu-Gi-Oh, Fairly OddParents and soon enough Super Sentai. He isn't a skilled fanfic writer for his work had been criticized by other peers but he vows to improve with the help of his girlfriend and his friends.

Fairly OddFuture

His most focused story which is a crossover between Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and Fairly OddParents and set in a futuristic setting. The year is 2116 and a new Turner steps up to the plate. There is more than he knows as the hidden truth lay in a city split in two. Now he must uncover the truth and discover his destiny. The story is currently in progress with chapters updated whenever possible.

Fairly OddFuture


DestinyZX's Fanfiction Page

His Youtube Page

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