Destroyer-class Fighter
Destroyer-class Fighter
Manufacturer Valorn Duchal Shipyards
Model Destroyer-class Fighter
Class Short-Range Space Superiority Fighter
Sublight Speed Average (100 mglt)
Sublight Maneuverability Below Average (90 dpf)
Length 7.4 meters
Mass 70 tons
Hull Strength Heavy (50 RU)
Cargo Space 25 Kilograms
Consumables 5 Days
Crew 1 Pilot
  • 2 mass-driver cannons
Affiliation Duchy of Valorn

The Destroyer-class Fighter is one of only two fighter craft produced by the Valorn Duchal Shipyards (the other being the Annihilator-class Fighter, which is not currently in service). It is armed with two 15mm mass-driver cannons, fire-linked for maximum damage.

So far, only 7 of these capable craft are in service; Red Leader, Red Two, Red Three, Red Four, Red Five, Red Six and Red Seven. All 7 craft are stationed aboard the Cruiser Diplomacy.

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