Deus Gras'Vahn

Arcozian Male, Age 22
Scales: Hunter Green
Eyes: Orange
Height: 69in (176cm)
Weight: 179lbs (81kg)
Player: artemi


Health: 55
Energy: 45
Attack: 5
Defense: 6


Attributes Stat Lvl Cost PMVs Total Notes
Jumping BODY 2 pndng/ none -
Natural Weapons - 3 1/ none 9cp Claws x2, Fangs
Superstrength BODY 1 pndng/ none - +10 Damage in melee
Regeneration none 1 pndng/ none - +5 Health per round
Massive Damage - 2 1/ none - +10 Damage with claws
Armor BODY 2 3/ none 6cp 20 Pts Damage Reduction
Extra Defenses none 1 3/ none 3cp +1 Defense per turn
Combat Technique none 3 1/ none 3cp Block Ranged Attack, Deflection, Reflection
Defensive Combat Mastery Def 3 2/ none 6cp +3 Defense
Extra Attacks none 1 8/ none 8cp +1 Attack per turn
Highly Skilled none 1 1/ none 1cp +10 SP


Skills Stat Lvl Cost Total Notes
Melee Attack Atk 1 5/ 5sp Polearm
Melee Defense Def 2 5/ 10sp Swords
Thrown Weapons Atk 1 3/ 3sp Polearm
Unarmed Attack Atk 1 4/ 4sp Strikes
Animal Training SOUL 1 2/ 2sp Dewkoss
Climbing BODY 1 2/ 2sp Natural Surfaces
Swimming BODY 1 2/ 2sp Choppy Water
Foreign Culture MIND 2 3/ 6sp Human, Arcozian
Intimidation BODY 1 2/ 2sp Bodily Harm
Languages MIND 2 2/ 4sp Imperial, Haloteth-Nao
Ettiquette MIND 1 2/ 2sp Lower Class


Defects Points Notes
Burns Energy 6bp Regeneration (5 Energy per turn.)
Dependant 1bp Regeneration (Superstrength)
Marked 3bp Reptilian
Dependant 6bp Extra Attacks (Block Ranged Attack, Deflection, Reflection)
Restriction 1bp Extra Attacks (Only to deflect attacks)
Easily Distracted 2bp "Hero's Resolve"


Item Dam Attributes Class Notes
Short Spear x2 10+5 Muscle-Powered, Melee Polearm +20 SS.
Javelins x4 8+5 Muscle-Powered Thrown Sword +10 SS
Claws x2 10+5 Muscle-Powered, Unarmed Strike +10 MD, +10 SS
Fangs 5+5 Muscle-Powered, Unarmed Strike +10 SS, Free Grapple Attempt
Standard Shield -12 - Shield One free hand


Birthplace: Fortress Vahnhast, Arcoz Birthdate: 28 Newlight, 1514 a.c. Father: Chroanc Gras’Vhan (b1479)br> Mother: Janira Milias Gras’Vhan (b1477 d1519) Siblings: Mirialina Gras’Vhan (sister, b1507 a.c), Dharmen Gras’Vhan (brother, b1506)

Deus is of Clan Gras’Vhan, one of the more noted military families in Citadel. Raised on the legends of his family and the honor of his Clan, Deus has been raised to be a strong, just warrior, trained in the traditional defensive based fighting style of his family. After he came of age after his seventeenth birthday, he left his ancestral home to set off into the world. Testing his skills and broadening his knowledge, he has come to know the world through the eyes of a Pilgrim. He has finally decided that he is ready to start on his goal that he made when he set off; becoming a Knight in the Order of Twelve Willows, fulfilling the tradition started in his Clan in the mists of time.

Deus is a large, powerfully built person, who walks with the stride of a confident, well trained warrior. Like all Arcozians, he is reptilian in appearance, with dark, hunter green scales, a powerful tail, and pale orange claws. He has brilliant orange eyes like everyone in his Clan; they stare at the world in calm strength. He wears a heavily embroidered, knee length kilt, in the green and orange colors of his family, along with a heavy travel cloak attached to a thick, bronze circlet around his neck. He wears his weapons on his back, on top of his cloak, spears poking over his left shoulder in a small case attached to the side of his travel pack and shield on top of those. Like all members of his race, he does not need shoes or other accessories, as his scaled skin is easily strong enough for travel.

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