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There is an illusion of democracy in these United States of America, and Massachusetts has not escaped this illusion. The people of Massachusetts must be forever vigilant if we will ever obtain the real thing. Don't be fooled by rhetoric, charm, or declarations of leadership. Follow the policy and follow the money -- and you will find who rules Beacon Hill.

Because some of Deval Patrick's early picks for his transition team and new administration raise red flags, I am starting this page as a collaborative effort to connect some unseen dots and help provide for much-needed transparency on Beacon Hill. While the party affiliation of the Governor has changed, the urgent need for open, accountable government - free from the influence of lobbyists and influence peddlers - appears unabated on Beacon Hill.

News of the Moment

Gov. Deval Patrick's assistant economic development secretary for policy and planning, Stan McGee [assistant secretary of policy and planning in Patrick’s economic development office], is on unpaid leave while facing charges of sexual assault on a 15-year-old boy in Florida in December. McGee was a go-to aide for Patrick during the casino plan deliberations.

[Source: State House News, 2/3/08]

See Herald Article

Quote of the Moment

"One thing I learned in the course of the campaign is there's too little love companies here feel from the government" -- Deval Patrick, on the need for the state's first-ever permitting ombudsman, creating "one-stop shopping" for businesses seeking permits and regulatory approvals to expand in Massachusetts.

[Source: Boston Globe, Patrick aims to speed building projects, 1/24/07]

DevalWatch Quote Archives

The People

Patrick/Murray Administration

Patrick/Murray Transition Team

Patrick/Murray Transition Committees

The Policies and Practices

  • Exploring casino gambling to boost state revenue
  • Charging inmates a "safety fee" to pay for more cops
  • Agreeing to pay hike for legislative committee chairs in return for restructuring of state government
  • Appointing a developer with dubious ties as Secretary of Housing and Economic Development.
  • Appointing a real estate lawyer with dubious ties as permitting ombudsman, creating one-stop shopping for businesses seeking permits and regulatory approvals, and reducing approval time to 6 months (steamrolling over local protections). Bialecki helped win an improper permit for Spaulding & Slye Colliers for their North Point development in East Cambridge, according to a recent Supreme Judicial Court ruling.
  • Million-dollar inaugural celebrations, with corporate donations, to celebrate what? Deval! (No Ordinary Leader)

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