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  • "We want your companies, we want your expansion, we want your growth." -- Deval Patrick, at the annual meeting of the Massachusetts Technology Leadership Council.
[Source: Boston Globe, Patrick aims to speed building projects, 1/24/07]
  • "One thing I learned in the course of the campaign is there's too little love companies here feel from the government" -- Deval Patrick, on the need for the state's first-ever permitting ombudsman, creating "one-stop shopping" for businesses seeking permits and regulatory approvals to expand in Massachusetts.
[Source: Boston Globe, Patrick aims to speed building projects, 1/24/07]
  • "[The goal is to] incentivize communities to welcome development" -- Daniel O'Connell, Sec. of Economic Development, on targeting infrastructure support to municipalities that complete housing-permitting processes within 180 days.
[Source: Boston Globe, Building curbs lift housing cost here, 1/18/07]
  • "The liberal thing" -- Deval Patrick, asked what the biggest misconception about him was during his campaign.
[Source: Boston Globe, Patrick will seek $120m for changes, 11/12/06]

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