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Hello, and welcome to the Developer Wiki. This is a wiki for software developers, or people who would like to develop software. If you would like to lend a hand, we would prefer you sign in first, although anonomous edits are welcome. This wiki will include information on design, programming, starting a development business, joining a development business, training and hiring employees, marketing and selling software, and more. Includes information on developing applications, games, and web based applications.


The following pages provide more information on different types of applications (or, in the case of a unique application, the application itself).

Programming IDEs
Audio Recording Tools
Graphic Design Tools
3D Modeling Tools
Website Design Tools

If you are unsure what catagory the application you are looking for falls into, you can search for it.


At the moment there are no tutorials available. The following tutorials are scheduled to be made eventually, and you can help out and start editing them.

Beginning Java (Using NetBeans IDE).
Beginning Dreamweaver
Beginning Flash

Help and Guidelines

Help and guidelines pages are under construction


Most of these tabs will be moved to their own pages when they grow.

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