Her Info

Appearance: As a hero, she has black hair with red tips on the spikes, her eyes' corneas and iris are black while her pupil is bright white, giving her a demonic appearance, normally is seen wearing a black biker outfit, black fingerless gloves, a black helmet with a jackal symbol on it, a strange skull-like mark on her forehead, and also small fangs on her upper jaw line. But as a human, she has regular red hair, normal dark-brown eyes (dark enough to look like black), a black dress, a black glove on her left hand, and a black baseball cape on her head (which is backwards), and also the mark is shown. Her true form, how ever, is pretty scary. Her body is covered with light gray bandages, with her hero form's eyes, along with sharp fangs in her mouth, a marked hand with claws (from her father), and her other hand is cat-like in appearance, along with strange body parts, making her pretty strange to look at

Powers: Is intangable, pretty smart, extreme flexibilty, can summon out demons from the Underworld, Chaos-based powers (Can put a curse on someone or make others have a type of Egyptian-styled problem), can see threw solid objects sometimes, and also the ability to make magical wrappings come out of thin air.

Species: A mix of Demonic Mummy, Human, and Vampire.

Personality: Smart, nice to people that are close to her, doesn't like to be bossed around by people she doesn't know.

Friends: The Author Fighters, Gwen (From TDI), Alex Russo, Private the Penquin, Scary Godmother and her "Broommates", Casper the Friendly Ghost and his uncles, and Wendy the Good Witch

Enemies: Kibosh the King of Ghosts, her brother Mora (in a sense), Mera Vora Terra (or MVT for short.)

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