Campaign Basics:

BESM 25 points base.

Comp Rules:

There can only be two Servant Slots. Under the Law of Subjugation a servant slot cannot be raised to contain more character points than you are worth currently (including COMP value).

Weapon Skills can be assigned arbitrarily of the same weapon type - although ranged and melee skill types will still be preserved. Comp 2.0 is capable of remapping its abilities to something they are most comfortable with – although there will be a “spell-casting” specialization with them.

Demon Template:

-2      Unique Character Defect: Magically Bound By Contracts
-1 to -2 Marked: 1 to 2 depending on obviousness.

Demon Unique Options:
 3     COMP 2.0 Backup: Reincarnation 1: Activated by large amounts of Macca. Stoppable by deleting their pattern or destroying COMP – single COMP. Recommend it as a comp ability. Slow enough to be non-combat time and requires a Comp with their pattern. Lacking a Comp pattern remergence is too slow to count in a meaningful way. It has to be their own comp in order to not be bound by a contract. Theoretically with programming brilliance a demon could upgrade it to Level 4 Reincarnation - and apply it across Ally comps without being enslaved. 

This means that said characters if they agree to a contract with a mortal are bound by them. However if it is broken by the other side they can respond with wrath. Perhaps for mercy’s sake they will know instantly if it is broken.


As given proof by unique demons there are two components to every demon, their essence and their pattern. Their essence is the sheer power. Their pattern contains their current state and personality. If a given unique demon is already in existence attempts to fuse it or instantiate it with the compendium will fail as that pattern is already taken.

The experience of fusion is an intimate merging of essences, and discarding of their patterns. It is an intimate euphoric experience, viewed akin to sex by many demons. These peeled off patterns are out there, and available for other purposes. In the Expanse it is possible that the demonic energies within that create new demons, will generate something that claims the pattern and reincarnate them within. Alternatively if the right fusion is prepared the essences will combine to form their pattern. Furthermore using the Compendium and the pattern recorded within and Maccca a demon can be reincarnated.


After the Lockdown but before the Fall

After Devil Survivor was Revised with Naoya’s Ending (No kill) . The lockdown was lifted after Metatron was forced to retreat. There were no angels to threaten them and Abel had taken care of the demonic threat as his demons that the world wasn’t even aware existed before marshaled and departed to the outer planes. The world seemed to go back to normal but it wasn’t quite. YHWH and the King of Bel had taken their battle to the outer plane and occupied the apparent majority of the demons

During this time Comps still worked but summoning new demons did not. He had claimed his power in full and those demons not already bound by existing contracts were occupied. New comps were of little use then. Strong desires paired with a ritualist or a Comp could not summon new demons from his Realm for contract as they were also busy – although other realms were available but reluctant to allow summoning - reducing the success rate even further than normal.

The only demons left on Malkuth were those who were already contracted. Due to the pressures of the numerous Demon Tamers nearly all of them were more benign. Most disguised themselves by some mean although a few did openly emerge and establish small cults – honest about who they were and what their intentions were.

World Governments started to gather Comps and examine them but found them of little use. They couldn’t initiate properly with all demons tied up in the War in Heaven unless Abel permitted them to answer their calls. They found some application with the Sequencer which would make things easier to deal with any troublesome demons as it put them on more equal ground. Rapid reverse engineering efforts produced compacted sequencer only nanoComps that became standard parts of police and military equipment – often placed inside badges in the previous case. These nanoComps could not be used to emotion-summon demons. Full fledged comps became illegal in many countries out of fears of what they could do.

Shoji had exposed the crimes of the Japanese government to the world. She and other journalists covered the details about what really happened in the lockdown, the truth about demons, YHWH, and more. Despite many people wanting Shoji dead she was protected primarily by Midori whose strong belief in justice wouldn’t let her suffer harm. She had stopped numerous assassination attempts. With only “virgin” Comps available to assassins they were all handily captured by Ms. Komaki.

The Incident had caused some major religious controversy. Many denied that Demons existed in the first place despite the evidence – it was just unreal. Many Christians, Jews, and Muslims were in denial of YHWH’s malevolence, that he could be defeated. Anti-Japanese sentiment rose then. In addition to the same old slurs Japan got some unflattering epithets such as “New Gomorrah”, “Island of Sinners”, and “Tainted Island”. Its people gained such slurs such as “Unclean Ones”, “Ultimate Sinners”, “Betrayers of God”.

Relationships with US were strained. Japan defended their position stating that they had served the angels. That their SDF members on the special task force went rogue near the end – a regrettable consequence of the lockdown’s chaos. Japan was also shamed that their police only took a few days inside the lockdown to become gangsters.

Some argue that they were not a fit representative of humanity despite the fact that YHWH certainly thought so. Abel, Akira Takara became a polarizing figure. He didn't deign to clarify those matters in this time period with the informal 'truce' between him and the King of Bel to stay out of Malkuth until their war had ended.

Eastern religions tended to rejoice at their presence. Free Hindu Deity and Megam Demons found a following in India and others. There were rumors of the appearance of Loki at Norse Neopagans gatherings but nothing substantial. Some believed they were just being pranked in the wake of the revelations.

After the Fall - the Shattering

The King of Bel fought YHWH and both ended up slaying one another and both of their powers shattered into many sparks. For years afterwards the spirit world has been in chaos. The Angels were humiliated and lost without heir god, the outer planes got rained down by the Bel-Yahweh shards and the war continued on a more chaotic front as they fought to claim power.

This was a time of mass confusion in the outer planes. Faithful around the world reported a sense of loss when they attempted prayers, as if there was nobody there. The few Comp users who checked in this short timeframe were able to buy demons again or initialize. Many Abrahamics lost faith but many were determined to try to fix things. In Malkuth great red rifts began to open in the sky.

Naoya sent out a mass message to governments and friends of the King of Bel. YHWH was dead and the King of Bel with him. Less than a day later The Shomankai tower which housed the Summoning Server – at this point used as an inter-dimensional communications platformed suffered an extraordinarily improbable event, being repeatably struck by a massive gathering of lightning bolts and highly localized seismic events. Damage outside was minimal but Naoya Takara died in the incident. Several stray bolts struck throughout Japan, casualties included Tadashi Nikaido, a gang leader who took part in the King of Bel's rise.

After this incident Comps around the world would get failure to connect messages on an attempts to access the auction house, the cathedral of shadows, or others. The email protocol in it likewise didn’t work unless the configuration files were edited to include backup servers and accounts. Still governments feared what could happen in incidents of great anger “Ragers” would emerge who summoned or channeled like-minded demons through their anger and determination and a comp to enable them. Their fears were vindicated after a few "rager" incidents. Black markets produced comps and their schematics ended up on Darknet.

With the death of YHWH the Heavens began to crumble – the artificial outer plane started to break. The angels fled into Malkuth and established themselves openly in holy cities, the Vatican, Jerusalem, and Mecca. They helped close the rifts and create a Great Barrier of the world – weaker than that in Tokyo with the Four Devas – but they also had more to cover and lesser power. This makes eliminating the angels problematic.

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