• Dexter's Dad as Connor
  • Tall Dexter as Mong
  • Dexter as Chip
  • Dexter's Mom as Abby
  • Mee Mee as Hela Nemo
  • Major Glory as Graham
  • Mr. Luzinsky as Professor Nemo
  • Cap'n Ahab as Charles
  • Lee Lee as Pestixide
  • Dexter's Grandpa as Cubix
  • Dexter's Monkey as Dondon
  • Dee Dee as Babysix
  • Koosalagoopagoop as Attractix
  • Krunk as Maximix
  • Douglas as Cerebrix
  • Mandark as Dr. K (Not Dexter, because Dr. K is bad and Dexter is good)
  • Lalavava as Raska

Voice Cast 

  • Andrew Rannells - Dexter's Dad
  • Jimmy Zoppi - Tall Dexter and Douglas
  • Amy Birnbaum - Dexter
  • Veronica Taylor - Dexter's Mom and Lee Lee
  • Rachael Lillis - Mee Mee
  • Dan Green - Major Glory and Mr. Luzinsky
  • Ed Paul - Cap'n Ahab
  • Scottie Ray - Dexter's Grandpa
  • Greg Abbey - Krunk
  • Eric Stuart - Dexter's Monkey 
  • Lisa Ortiz - Dee Dee
  • Steve Irwin - Koosalagoopagoop
  • Maddie Blaustein - Mandark
  • Megan Hollingshead - Lalavava

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