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Dexter as Wart/Arthur

??? as Merlin

Robotic Parrot as Archimedes

Dexter's Dad as Sir Ector

Mandark as Sir Kay

Dexter's Mom as Scullery Maid

The Wolf, Wart/Arthur as a Fish, Merlin as a Fish, The Frog, The Pike, Wart/Arthur as a Squirrel, Merlin as a Squirrel, Little Girl Squirrel, The Woodpecker, Granny Squirrel, Wart/Arthur as a Bird, Merlin as a Turtle, Merlin as a Caterpillar, Merlin as a Walrus, Merlin as a Mouse and Merlin as a Crab as themselves

Lucky Jack (from Home on the Range) as Merlin as a Rabbit

Jeb (from Home on the Range) as Merlin as a Goat

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