Dark Herest - Arotte Tidings [DHAT]

Campaign Opening

The year is 950.M41. The Ophidian uprising has not long abated, and the Scarus Sector is still recovering. Although most eyes are still on the Ophidian Sub, on the nearby Angelus Sub, Lams Arotte has caught the aptly named investigative eyes of the Inquisition. Under the Ordo Xenos' Inquisitor Greleigh. As the newly recruited retinue, it is your task to investigate the newly discovered underground research base that was found along the equatorial continent of Lams Arotte. You are to be accompanied by Captain Heral and his squad of five guardsmen. We begin with you arriving at the recently created entrance to the underground research facility, which is currently being guarded by local arbites.

For a map of the Scarus Sector click here.

Player List

Player List.

Game Logs

Game 1 Log

Game 2 Log

Game 3 Log

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