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Name=Diamir Zeriis
Hair=Auburn and Silver
Era=Clone Wars era through Galactic Civil War era
Birth=38 BBY
  • Indigo
  • Dual-bladed
Lightsaber Style= Double-bladed lightsaber varient of style II: Makashi

"You know, life is not only about duty. Duty is part of life, just as leaves are a part of trees. To live life fully, you don't only have to live to do your duty. You need to do your duty to yourself: live."

- Diam-Gundi to fellow Padawan Qi'nata

At the Temple

Ever since Diam-Gundi was three, he has been living in the Jedi Temple for as long as he could remember. He had never known his parents, though they had been around him his whole life.

Diam-Gundi befriended Jedi Sani Tirabi when he was eight, still Younglings. See Relations.

Diam-Gundi always thought he was a human, and that his long canines, gold skin, and silver-and-auburn striped hair were just genetic mess-ups. He never knew that he was actually a full-blooded Firrerreo.

When Diam-Gundi started his classes with various Jedi, he found that he was unsufficient with a single-bladed lightsaber, but prodigious with the Force. He always excelled, mastering Force abilities before anyone else.

Diam-Gundi wondered about his unusual auburn-and-silver streaked hair, and his gold-tinted skin. He was self-conscious and was very embarrassed about his traits. He didn't know, until he was fifteen (See Missions), that his gold skin, double-colored hair, and long canines were traits of a Firrerreo, not a human.


Taje Kenobi

Taje Kenobi, and all of her friends, knew her as Taje Thal-Taren. She was Diam-Gundi's closest friends, and her rugged, straightforward approach to life was a perfect balance to Diam-Gundi's cautious think-before-you-act approach. Diam-Gundi relied on Taje to keep him light-spirited in his darkest of moods.

Sani Tirabi

Sani Tirabi was Diam-Gundi's first friend at the Temple. He met her when they were eight, when she asked him for directions. They wre very close friends until they were fifteen, where love developed between the two. The two pledged themselves to eachother, and shared their living Forces. It was short-lived, though, becuase when Diam-Gundi found out that he wasn't a human, but a Firrerreo (see Missions), she grew distant, and the relationship was never fixed.


Fy-Tor-Ana was Diam-Gundi's Master. She became close to Diam-Gundi, and close to him: they were a perfect symbol of a Master-Padawan relationship. They always got along, and Diam-Gundi was the only person who Fy-Tor-Ana wasn't impatient of austere toward.

The Jedi Council

Diam-Gundi always respected the Jedi Council, and never thought of defiance or rebellion towards them. Of the whole council, Diam-Gundi always liked and felt safest with the Quermian, Yarael Poof. He always seemed to understand Diam-Gundi, and even gave Diam-Gundi a set of Mind Illusionary tutorials for a short time.


Later in Diam-Gundi's life, he met a smuggler and bounty hunter named Dou-Jinn. Dou-Jinn befriended Diam-Gundi, and helped his cause in many ways.


Jedi Padawan: The Conflict

Jedi Padawan: The Heroes

Jedi Padawan: The Void

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