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Cin Zeriis

Name=Cinris Zeriis
Species and Homeworld= Firrerreo and Firrerre, respectively
Status=Jedi Knight
Eye and Hair=Olive and Silver-and-Black, respectively
Lightsaber and Style=Bronze and style III: Soresu

Cin Zeriis was a Firrerreo, who was born 69 BBY on Firrerre. He was a Jedi Knight, and a Master of Soresu. He was known as a tough, hard teacher, and tough Force-jumping to older younglings. While on a mission to his home planet of Firrerre with another Jedi Knight, Willoa Qandin, he fell in love with her, and eventually, against the code, married her, in 40 BBY. In 38 BBY, his wife gave birth to twins: Diam-Gundi and Vaatil Zeriis. Diam-Gundi, who was Force-sensitive, was sent to the Jedi Temple at the age of three. Vaalao wasn't Force-sensitive, so she was put under the care of a close family friend, the Ithorian Gawlon Crenti, on Ithor.

Willa Qantin

Name=Willao Qantin
Species and Homeworld= Firrerreo and Firrerre, respectively
Status=Jedi Knight
Eye and Hair=Maroon and Auburn-and-Gold, respectively
Lightsaber and Style=Teal and style VI: Niman

Willoa, born on Firrerre 68 BBY. She was a Jedi Knight, and a prodigious healer. She went on a mission to her homeworld with Cin Zariis, and likewise, fell in love with him. She married him in 40 BBY, and had twins in 38 BBY. Her son, Diam-Gundi was sent to the Temple due to his Force-sensitivity, and her daughter, Vaalao, was sent to live with an Ithorian friend, Gawlon Crenti, on Ithor.

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