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EGL Asia Diamond Certification in Hong Kong

EGL Asia


6 Duddell St.,

Suite 303a Printing House,

Central, Hong Kong

Tel. (852) 253 78078

Fax. (852) 253 78199


Hong Kong independent diamond laboratory provides diamond certification by a gem lab and diamond grading laboratory with excellent service at a low cost using state-of the-art technology. EGL Asia’s certified gemologists protect diamond buyers with complete anonymity providing: conflict free diamond grading and certification, diamond testing reports, laser engraving and diamond sealing. Serving China, southeast Asia and Australia. Express service times ranging from two hours (VIP service) to 48 hours from arrival of goods in the lab. [[Category:diamond verification, diamond certificate, diamond grading, diamond report, diamond jewellery certification, laser engraving, diamond sealing, gemology, gemologist, gemstone lab, conflict free diamond, Hong Kong diamond laboratory, independent gem lab, independent gemological laboratory, anonymity, reliability, jewelry certification, grading laboratory, diamond grading report, diamond dossier, diamond quality document, certificate of diamond authenticity, appraisal, diamond quality document, diamond quality report, diamond quality document, International Diamond Council (IDC), protecting diamond buyers, diamond testing, diamond registry, grading diamonds, diamond grades, diamond grade, diamond test, diamond certification, diamond quality, certified diamonds, diamond buyers, igi diamond, igi diamonds, gemological certification, certified gemologist, table branding, laserscribe, diamond repair, jewelry engraving, ]]

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