Diana want Bolts to be her boyfriends and Diana breaking with Oliver and Diana is now her boyfriends is Bolts forever new year and christmas and new year forever 2014 future Diana is Bolts´s girlfriends, and Diana become as Bolts´s girlfriends enter relationship as engagement, and Bolts kissed to Diana become boyfriends presents.


Diana sad by break up Oliver since (Happines New Years Ever/other episode) as Oliver say break up with Diana "i can you ex boyfriends" and Diana sad break up with Oliver never speak, Diana say to Bolts as presents boyfriends to arrive new years ever 12:00am "happines new years ever" and Diana likes Bolts for kiss new year eve, Diana say Melissa and Irela that Diana kiss to Bolts as present boyfriends and Bolts say Diana "Diana to be my girlfriends" and her say "what yes" and ending carlos´s house night hour food dinner and hour tick tock and Diana fall in love with Bolts say funny and date relationship together and hour 12:00am and Diana kissed to Bolts and become present boyfriends and good boyfriends and Melissa say Diana kiss to Bolts as good boyfriends and Lennie with Jenny say Diana as kiss new years and Diana say her boyfriends Bolts "likes you present boyfriends" and Bolts is a good boyfriends from Diana as smile and ending episode Diana holding hand pretty couple and end episode to arrive Father Time say new years eve 2014 or new years 2015 as future pranks Father Time gone be.  



  • The first time that Diana like you her boyfriends Bolts her like you as names episode is "Go End Year" as "Diana Loves Currents to Bolts" is new sneak peak.
  • The first time that Diana is now Bolts is Diana´s boyfriends and go to end new year.
  • The first time that Diana breaking with Oliver not appearance/mentioned breaking.
  • the second time that Diana mentioned breaking Oliver as first time "Happines New Year".
  • The third time that Diana third kiss to Bolts a engagement as first time "Birthday Julie" and second time "Uncle Steve".
  • Jeremy as voice call phone as Melissa´s phone message Ex., Jeremy appear major or minor.
  • The first time that Lennie and Jenny as engagement for new year.
  • Diana like you her boyfriends is Bolts become as engagement enter relationship.
  • Melissa say wish as Diana like you her boyfriends Bolts say "Diana have boyfriends is Bolts".
  • Diana breaking to Oliver end as heartbreak finally episode and Diana is now her boyfriends is Bolts engagement and kiss to them.
  • The second time that Oliver breaking to Diana as sad heartbreak as mentioned or flashback minor is first time "Happines New Year".
  • Melissa´s record music as Tonigth Have Winner in You as Diana sad heartbreak Oliver, A Big Love and Nobody More, Die Renacer, Bolts likes you Diana as Bolts smile loves with Diana like you her boyfriends Bolts.
  • The second time that Bolts say Diana as girlfriends "okay works" as Oliver break semis-antagonist ruined to life is first time "Oliver and Bolts".
  • The first time that Diana and Bolts is a wish as engagement.
  • Melissa as clothing dress as Happines New Year.
  • Diana likes you Bolts as CD Bolts likes you Diana as music.
  • The second time that Diana sad break Oliver as first time "Blonde".
  • The first time that Diana and Bolts become engagement as her boyfriends and his girlfriends.
  • Appear Bolts and Diana engagement similars Regular Show in Steak Me Amadeus as Mordecai and Margaret his girlfriends. 
  • Diana and Bolts as music rap as second time is first time "50 weight dolar".
  • Beta and Brando appear as engagement together Melissa and Eddie.
  • Melissa and Eddie wear hat new year as second time.
  • Diana kissed to Bolts as engagement.
  • The second time that Lennie like you his girlfriends for Jenny enter relationship engagement as first time "Hi Five Ghost".
  • Marlene and Rex not appearance Carlos´s house and them dead killer her.
  • Madeline, Hi Five Ghost, Hi Five Ghost´s girlfriends, Benson and Audrey appear minor.
  • Brandy II as names real except Melissa as the second time is first time "Rodney Rodnye".
  • Bianca and Mega Bolts appear major.
  • Diana breaking with Oliver past and Diana is now her boyfriends is Bolts as engagement say "okays works" as new sneak peak.
  • the first time that Diana kissed to Bolts as boyfriends and engagement.
  • Oliver breaking with Diana never have boyfriends reject ex boyfriends (flashback).
  • Diana dating with her boyfriends Bolts as engagement.
  • Bolts like you cake as first time.
  • Diana and Bolts dance engagement.
  • Lennie kissed to Jenny as engagement.
  • The first time that Lennie his friends Brandy as break and Brandy have boyfriends Ben.
  • The first time that Lennie become his girlfriends for Jenny.
  • Bolts first kiss to Diana as "Christmas to Arriver Temporary".
  • Diana break with Oliver not remember last new years ever 2013 end.
  • Diana become to be Bolts´s girlfriends forever new years ever yes remember as boyfriends presents.
  • Chad, Jeremy, Clara and Jessica only appearances as alive house and dont call phone as pranks.
  • Episode Specials New Years Ever as Regular Show/Owner Pet in Double New Years Ever.
  • Diana break up to Oliver past ex-boyfriends never speak Oliver sad heartbroken end 2013 as Diana break Oliver never have ex boyfriends and her angry Oliver being sad say "i, cant, you ex boyfriends" as heartbroken end 2012-2013. 
  • Diana likes Bolts become engagements/boyfriends official as first time new years being 2014. 
  • The first time that Diana become be Bolts´s girlfriends present being 2014-present and them kiss.
  • Galeria Diana kiss Bolts.
  • The first time that Bolts want Diana to be his girlfriends and say what yes and them kiss.
  • Diana likes you her boyfriends as Bolts say Diana to be his girlfriends and say what yes acept to be boyfriends engagement and them kiss as Lennie to be his girlfriends is Jenny and Eddie to be his girlfriends is Melissa yes acepts as boyfriends.
  • Diana likes you boyfriends is Bolts likes you girlfriend as her mom to Diana say her grandma that her Diana likes you Bolts her boyfriends is Bolts likes you Diana his girlfriends and not for her grandpa is Jorge.      
  • Appear Bolts kiss Diana as remembers boyfriends similars Regular Show in New Year´s Kiss as Mordecai kiss girl and but Rigby´s Future say Rigby stop Mordecai kiss a girl Tracy/Mordecai kiss CJ in new years kiss and Mordecai kiss CJ as Rigby say his future wrong.
  • The first time that Diana say Bolts "likes you present boyfriends".
  • the first time that Diana and Bolts holding hand pretty couple as say Melissa morning.
  • Diana kiss Bolts hour 12:00am "happines new years" as good boyfriends.
  • Diana kiss to Bolts from New Year as since Diana Kiss Loves Currents to Bolts
  • Diana kissed to Bolts from new year as flashback episode by "Fireworks Run". 

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