Diaper Boy Throws A Tantrum

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Cast: Christopher, Mom, Jeff

Narrator: One Day At The Store, Christopher And Jeff Found A PSP.

Christopher: Hey Mom, Can I Have A PSP?

Mom: No. Its Over 200 Dollars.

Christopher: (Bawling) WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! I WANT A PSP!!!!

Mom: Calm Down! Calm Down! Before I Call The Police!

Christopher (Bawls Loudly) I WANT A PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom: Your Not Getting A PSP.

Jeff: Calm Down, Christopher Just Calm Down.

Christopher: BUT I WANT A PSP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mom: Thats It! Im Calling The Police!

Narrator: 5 Minutes Later... The Police Came To Arrest Christopher.

Police What Are You Doing At The Store?! Your Under Arrest For Throwing A Tantrum!

Christopher: No!!! I WANNA GO HOME!!! I WANT A PSP!!!!

Narrator: When Christopher When To Prison He When To Court and Be In Prison For 100 Years.

Police: You Will Be In Prison For 100 Years.

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