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  • Greg Heffley as Ord
  • Rowley Jefferson as Max
  • Mr. Heffley as Zak
  • Trista as Emmy
  • Patty Farrell as Wheezie
  • Holly Hills as Cassie
  • Mr. Ray as Quetzal
  • Chirag as Cyrus[they both start with C]
  • Suzan Heffley as Eunice
  • Vice Principal Roy as Mungus
  • Marcus as Scallywag
  • Darren Woodley as Woody
  • Manny as Finn
  • Angie as Priscilla
  • Corey Lamb as Arlo
  • Mrs. Craig as Polly
  • Rodrick as The Giant of Nod
  • Fregley as Wyatt
  • Mr. Snella as Enrique
  • Mrs. Flint as Dr. Booboogone

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