Write the text of your article here! diary of a wimpy nicktoon kid is a movie that will be written by roc it is squel to diary of a wimpy kid it will be made in july 2020 it will be released in theatre's on april 19th, 2020. plot- after the events of diary of a wimpy kid spongebob is back in school with his friend patrick star until spongebob's mom get's a job for the rest of the winter on haloween night they do'nt have to go to school for the whole year kyle is a bully that is mean to spongebob when he bully's the kids by his brother saying spongebob you ca'nt go to class he tricks patrick because spongebob said that he teased the kids spongebob and patrick are not friends for a-while so spongebob apoligize's to patrick for fighting with him they gang become friends again and patrick come's to spongebobs house to go play the game diary of a red mario.

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