Diesel/Jack and the Pack [Version 2] is a parodies with Jack and the Pack sounds and Diesel the Black Diesel Shunter and Friends (George/Percy Version) audio.


  • Diesel as Jack
  • George as Alfie [George and Alfie are both green and they both end with e]
  • Lorry 1 as Oliver
  • Bill as Max
  • Ben as Monty
  • Duke as Kelly
  • Old Stuck-Up [from RWS] as Byron
  • Norman as Ned [Norman and Ned are both start with N]
  • Rosie as Isobella
  • BoCo as Nelson
  • Harold as Patrick
  • Billy as Buster [Billy and Buster are both start with B]
  • Captain Zero [from TUGS] as The Foreman
  • Bridget Hatt as Miss Jenny

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