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Diesel 10 and Donald/Douglas 2 is a Episode from Diesel 10 the Claw Engine and Friends 2.


  • Diesel 10 as Thomas
  • Thomas as James
  • Puffballs as Trucks
  • and more


  • Thomas: Help Help
  • Narrator: A Tank Engine was running much two fast the engine was Thomas and he was frightend his brake blocks were on fire
  • Thomas: They're pushing me They're pushing me
  • Puffballs: On On On
  • Narrator: Still whistling
  • Thomas: Help Help
  • Narrator: Poor Thomas disapeard
  • Diesel 10: I'd like to teach toose Puffballs a lesson
  • Narrator: Soon came to alarm
  • Mr. Conductor: Thomas is off the rails Get Donald/Douglas quickly
  • Narrator: Diesel 10 was coupled on and off they went Diesel 10 was doing his hardist
  • Diesel 10: Hurry Hurry Hurry
  • Narrator: He wasn't predending to be like The Tree he really mented
  • Diesel 10: Brother toose Puffballs and their tricks I hope Poor Thomas isn't hurt
  • Narrator: Thomas' Driver and Fireman were feeling him all over to see if he was hurt
  • Thomas' Driver and Fireman: Never mind Thomas it wasn't your fault it was toose wooden breaks they gave you we always said they were no good
  • Narrator: Diesel 10 pushed Donald and Douglas alongside then he chased after the Puffballs
  • Puffballs: Oh No Oh No
  • Diesel 10: Serves You Right Serves You Right
  • Narrator: He was hard at work chasing after then all afternoon
  • Diesel 10: This I'll teach you a lesson This I'll teach a lesson
  • Puffballs: Yes It Will Yes It Will
  • and more

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