Diesel 506 is a Gray and Orange Diesel Engine with a powerful claw Gobblesin and He can pull heavy Freight trains than Diesel 10 and He is Stronger at Diesel 10 and He is Angry and Big and who hates steam engines as much as Diesel 10 does and He tried to scrap Edward and called him old boiler and He is an Americian Diesel from Texas and thinks like Diesel 10 and He became the boss of the dieselworks and led Diesel , Arry and Bert and Paxton and Norman and He wanted to kill Toby and derail him along with his coach Henrietta and He bullies Thomas and the other steam engines , He even insulted Mr Pervicial and Toby came to the dieselworks and He called him old square

wheels and laughed at his bell and his cowcatchers and called him ugly and his friends Diesel and Arry and Bert laughed at Toby too and when Duck was pulling trucks to the quarry Arry and Bert blocked his way and said they were working for Diesel 506 , Back at the Dieselworks Diesel 506 decided to knock down Knapford Station with his gang Toby was horrified and was immedily scrapped by Arry and Bert and his Coach Henrietta was scrapped by Diesel and this made Thomas very cross with Diesel 506 and his gang so Thomas brought his coaches Annie and Clarabel to the station and so He set off to Knapford to find Mr Pervicial and his Driver looks at the wreck of Knapford and this time Thomas had Duck , James and Percy and Edward and Mavis and Salty and Boco and Paxton and Sidney and Norman and Den and Dart and Hiro and Rosie and Oliver to find Diesel 506 and fight Him , Diesel , Arry and Bert and left Thomas and Boco and Hiro and Duck to fight on Diesel 506 and Thomas fought Diesel 506 alone and blew his whistle and made crash into some oil tankers and run through into the shed on fire and when He went in there was a bomb and He was blown up and shed of the Dieselworks blew up and luckily and rebuild Knapford and They celebrate a party at Knapford of Diesel 506 gone forever and never seen again .

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