Diesel Black Diesel Shunter (Dodge/Ten Cents (Chrissy Oliver Style) Version) is a Dodge/Ten Cents (Chrissy Oliver Style) parody series.


  • Diesel as Theodore
  • Splatter as Hank (Splatter and Hank are both blue)
  • Elizabeth as Emily (Elizabeth and Emily both start with E)
  • Lorry 1 as George
  • Paxton as Foduck
  • Mavis as Rebecca
  • Kevin as Shellburne
  • George as Dartmouth
  • Fred Pelhay as Fundy (Fred Pelhay and Fundy both start with F)
  • Terence as Barrington Barge
  • Bertie as Snorri
  • Rosie as Carla
  • BoCo as Guysborough
  • Sidney as Truro
  • Scruffey as Canso
  • Isobella as Bonvista
  • Millie as Cocomagh
  • Caitlin as Constance (Caitlin and Constance both startw ith C and are both Big and Strong)
  • Arry as Phillip
  • Bert as Fillmore
  • Bulstrode as Tex
  • Santa Fe as Stewaicke
  • James, Stepney and Stanley as The Rock Brothers
  • Molly Mouse (from Skipper & Skeeto) as Pugwash
  • Big Mickey (from TUGS) as Clayton
  • Stephen as Bedford
  • Butch as Baddeck (Butch and Baddeck both start with B)
  • Old Slow Coach as Bluenose
  • Hector as R Boat
  • Hiro as Digby


Season 1

  • Diesel and The Island
  • Diesel and The Barge
  • Diesel and The Homesick Hopper Car
  • The Dark and Scary Docks
  • Paxton the Vigilant
  • Numper Buddies
  • Differnt Strokes - Differnt Engines
  • Splatter and The Vicar
  • True Blue Friends
  • Diesel and The Welcome
  • Diesel the Vegetebal
  • The Day Snow Came to Sodor
  • Diesel's Nightmares
  • Diesel and The Visitor
  • Diesel and The Old Slow Coach
  • Is Anybody Listening?
  • Lorry 1 Buzzes The Island
  • The Sodor Cleanup Contest
  • Best Friends

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