Diesel Gets Wet is a Season 30 episode.


Diesel isto work at the yard with BoCo and Bear, but hates it. He goes to Brendom Docks and sees Salty. Salty tells Diesel a story about the sea and scares Diesel. Diesel starts shivering and Salty starts laughing. Diesel runs away. Meanwhile, Diesel is left alone and tries to keep the trucks clean, but suddenly, as Diesel shunts the trucks to the Tippers Loading Plant, one of them snap away to the Tippers Loading Plant and lifts itself and spills dirty water all over Diesel, who is having trouble with trucks under the chute. Diesel is silly and Salty laughs at his rival. Diesel is upset. The Fat Controller punishes Diesel and shuts him up in the shed for 2 days.

Featured Characters

  • Thomas (cameo)
  • Percy (cameo)
  • Duck (cameo)
  • Diesel
  • BoCo
  • Bear
  • Salty


  • BoCo, Diesel and Bear's Sheds
  • Bendom Docks
  • Tipper Loading Lamp


  • Salty: (narrating) I love the sea. I'm a hard worker at the docks. Diesel hates water.
  • Diesel: AAGH!
  • Narrator: Diesel was scared. Salty continued.
  • Salty: Bendom Docks is my place to work.


  • First time Salty meets Diesel.
  • First time Diesel screams since The World's Strongest Engine (Season 6)
  • First time a diesel gets wet.
  • First time a diesel has trouble with trucks under the chute.

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