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Diesel Of Sodor is a series. It was produced by Britt Allcroft Productions. The series aired on Universal Kids in September 1st 2010 & narrated by Ringo Starr.


Season 1

  1. Diesel 10, Boco & Edward
  2. Boco & Thomas
  3. Boco's PS2
  4. Super Diesel Bros
  5. Salty
  6. Youtube
  7. Thomas, Edward, Boco, Salty
  8. Diesel or Thomas
  9. Arry & Bert
  10. The Wii
  11. Diesel's Bad Engine Day
  12. Boco & Derek
  13. Rusty
  14. Mavis & Daisy
  15. Life with Thomas
  16. Boco & the Fox
  17. Dodge's Truck
  18. Lazy Work
  19. Salty's Storys
  20. Boco's Xmas Party

Season 2

  1. Diesel 10 the Loonatic
  2. Boco, Duck & the Tent
  3. The Lemmings
  4. Diesel vs The Duck Hunt Dog
  5. The Signet
  6. Diesel Sucks
  7. Trucks with Nuts
  8. Arry & Bert vs Bill & Ben
  9. PostEngine Boco
  10. PANCAKES!!!!!
  11. Rusty TV
  12. Garfield visit
  13. Scooby Dennis
  14. Engine May Cry
  15. The Greatest Xmas Ever


  1. Diesel Of Sodor/Thomas
  2. Diesel Of Sodor/TUGS
  3. Diesel Of Sodor/Bananaman
  4. Diesel Of Sodor/Superted
  5. Diesel Of Sodor/The BFG
  6. Diesel Of Sodor/Sonic
  7. Diesel Of Sodor/Garfield
  8. Diesel Of Sodor/Theodore Tugboat
  9. Diesel Of Sodor/Joshua Jones
  10. Diesel Of Sodor/Bob the Builder
  11. Diesel Of Sodor/Thomas and the Magic Railroad
  12. Diesel Of Sodor/The Simpsons
  13. Diesel Of Sodor/Young Ones
  14. Diesel Of Sodor/The Railway Series
  15. Diesel Of Sodor/Noddy's Toyland Adventures
  16. Diesel Of Sodor/Scooby Doo
  17. Diesel Of Sodor/Spongebob
  18. Diesel Of Sodor/Mario
  19. Diesel Of Sodor/Pingu
  20. Diesel Of Sodor/The Flintstones
  21. Diesel Of Sodor/Salty's Lighthouse
  22. Diesel Of Sodor/Judge Judy
  23. Diesel Of Sodor/Z-Stack of The Bigg City Port
  24. Diesel Of Sodor/Railroad Station Series
  25. Diesel Of Sodor/Hero of the Rails
  26. Diesel Of Sodor/Sonic Underground
  27. Diesel Of Sodor/Horrid Henry
  28. Diesel Of Sodor/Rayman
  29. Diesel Of Sodor/Barney
  30. Diesel of Sodor/Ernest the Engine and Others
  31. Diesel Of Sodor/Thomas the Trackmaster Adventures
  32. Diesel Of Sodor/Thomas the ERTL Adventures
  33. Diesel Of Sodor/Disney
  34. Diesel Of Sodor/NSPCC Children's tv favourties vol 2
  35. Diesel Of Sodor/South Park
  36. Diesel Of Sodor/Family Guy
  37. Diesels Of Sodor/Female Thomas Characters
  38. Diesels Of Sodor/Female TUGS Characters
  39. Diesels Of Sodor/Female Noddy's Toyland Adventures Characters
  40. Diesels Of Sodor/Female Family Guy Characters
  41. Diesel of Sodor/The Wiggles
  42. Diesels of Sodor/Female Simpsons Characters
  43. Diesels of Sodor/The Little Engine That Could
  44. Diesels of Sodor/Shining Time Station
  45. Diesels of Sodor/Oakie Doke
  46. Diesels of Sodor/Toy Story
  47. Diesels of Sodor/The Animal Shelf
  48. Diesels of Sodor/Harry Potter
  49. Diesels of Sodor/Humans of Sodor
  50. Diesels of Sodor/How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  51. Diesels of Sodor/Batman
  52. Diesels of Sodor/Teletubbies
  53. Diesels of Sodor/Tweenies
  54. Diesels of Sodor/Rosie & Jim
  55. Diesels of Sodor/Tots Tv
  56. Diesels of Sodor/In the Night Garden
  57. Diesels of Sodor/Funnybones
  58. Diesels of Sodor/Tales of the Tooth Fairies
  59. Diesels of Sodor/Brum
  60. Diesels of Sodor/The Animals of Farthing Wood
  61. Diesel Of Sodor/Mega Man X
  62. Diesel Of Sodor/The King of Fighters
  63. Diesel Of Sodor/Fatal Fury
  64. Diesels of Sodor/Beavis and Butt-Head
  65. Diesels of Sodor/PB&J Otter
  66. Diesel Of Sodor/Seinfeld
  67. Diesel Of Sodor/Vocaloid
  68. Diesel of Sodor/My Little Pony
  69. Diesel of Sodor/The Thief & The Cobbler
  70. Diesel Of Sodor/The Powerpuff Girls

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