• Boco as Rayman (Both the main heroes)
  • Rusty as Globox (Both good friends with Boco and Rayman)
  • Trevor as Murfy
  • Dennis as Clark (Both clumsy)
  • Bertie as Sam the Snake
  • Lady as Uglette (Both wifes to Rusty and Globox)
  • Diesel as Polokus (Both vain)
  • Derek, Stepney, Max, Thomas, Edward, James, Duck, Oliver, and Monty as the Globox Kiddies
  • Daisy as Ly the Fairy (Ly the Fairy's voice suits Daisy)
  • Mavis as Tily
  • Mighty, Mac, Splatter, Dodge, Toby, Henry, and Bear as The Teensies
  • Belle as Carmen the Whale
  • Rosie as Betilla the Fairy
  • Diesel 10 as The Magician
  • Molly as Raybeauty
  • Salty as Tarayzan
  • Frank as The Musician
  • Paxton as Joe
  • Den, Dart, and Gordon as Otti Psi, Romeo Patti, and Gonzo
  • Spencer as Admiral Razorbeard
  • Butch as Admiral Razorbeard's Lackey
  • Mallard as Ninjaws
  • Old Stuck Up as Jano
  • George as Axel
  • Scruffy as Foutch
  • Thumper as Mr. Dark
  • Duke as Reflux the Knaaren
  • and more

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