Version 1 (Made by ThomasandFriends7/ToyBonnieFan92)

  • BoCo as Peter Perfect
  • Sidney as Rufus Ruffcut
  • Salty as Sawtooth
  • Rusty as Private Meekley
  • Edward as Sergeant Blast
  • Cody (from SuperMarioLogan) as Rug Bug Benny
  • Joseph (from SuperMarioLogan) as Willy
  • Chef Pee Pee (from SuperMarioLogan) as Danny
  • Tyrone (from SuperMarioLogan) as Ring a Ding
  • Percy as Kurby
  • Bulgy as Mac
  • Paxton as Professor Pat Pending
  • Mavis as Penelope Pitstop
  • Splatter as Rock Slag
  • Dodge as Gravel Slag
  • Arry as Big Gruesome
  • Bert as Little Gruesome
  • Spamcan as Red Max
  • Norman as Lazy Luke
  • Derek as Blubber Bear
  • George as Dick Dastardly
  • Duncan as Muttley
  • Dart as Elmer (Luke's Cousin)
  • Emily as The Female Alliator
  • Thomas as The Sherriff

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