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Diesel Sucks is a Episode from Diesel Of Sodor.


  • Diesel
  • Diesel 10
  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Duck
  • Boco
  • Fergus
  • Oliver
  • Stepney
  • James (does not speak)
  • Trucks (cameos)
  • Derek (cameo)
  • Mavis (cameo)


  • Narrator: One Day Diesel is very cross with himself one day he sucks
  • Diesel 10: Diesel YOU SUCK
  • Diesel: Yes Indead I Suck for care
  • Boco: I don't know I even hate you I aways hate you I want to be really useful than you
  • Diesel: OOOOOOOOH You can't do this to me
  • Diesel 10: Yes We Can
  • Narrator: Diesel went off being cross with himself one day he met Duck
  • Duck: I'm still furious today Diesel 10 and Boco said you suck
  • Diesel: We Diesels don't need to learn we know every thing we come to a yard and inprove it we are revir
  • Duck: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOH I'll get you Diesel
  • Narrator: Duck went away being cross
  • Duck: Diesel sucks for care for care Diesel sucks for care poor old Diesel Hahahaha
  • Narrator: Diesel even sucks
  • Diesel: I do I do I do
  • Narrator: One Day he saw James
  • Diesel: James will say I suck
  • Narrator: But James laughed at him
  • Narrator: Diesel was getting more cross than ever then he even sucks more times than ever one day he was with Thomas
  • Thomas: Diesel you suck and really grumpy
  • Diesel: Stop this nounces
  • Thomas: When I tell you I am a really useful blue tank engine and I know that
  • Narrator: Diesel was very cross indead he sucks eggs
  • Diesel: I must get back to work fast
  • Narrator: Just then he was with Diesel 10
  • Diesel 10: Uh Oh Diesel above you
  • Diesel: OH NO IT'S DUCK
  • Narrator: And he was right it was Duck he was running away from Edward
  • Diesel: Diesel 10 Duck is in trouble
  • Narrator: Duck was running from Edward as fast as he could
  • Duck: I can do it I can do it
  • Narrator: He pulled and puffed as hard as he could then Edward went down into a muddly ditch
  • Edward: Oh Bother
  • Narrator: Soon the other steamies and diesels wanted to beat Diesel up
  • Thomas: We must get rid of Diesel
  • Stepney: Yes we can
  • Duck: We can get rid of him with a bomb
  • Oliver: YES
  • Edward: We Engines can beat Diesel up
  • Boco: He talked rudly to me
  • Diesel 10: and me two
  • Fergus: No It's our chance to beat Diesel Up
  • Narrator: And they all went Diesel was sleeping in a siding
  • Diesel: Ah what a beauful sleep
  • Narrator: Just then he heard some engines coming down the line
  • Diesel: Oh No IT'S THEM
  • Narrator: And he was right
  • Diesel: Am Hello
  • Narrator: They where hard at work going to defeat Diesel
  • Engines: This'll teach you a lesson This'll teach you a lesson
  • and more

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