• Boco as Heinrich Von Marzipan (Heinrich Von Marzipan's Voice Suits Boco)
  • Rusty as Knightbrace (Knightbrace's Voice Suits Rusty)
  • Dennis as Toiletnator (Toiletnator's Voice Suits Dennis)
  • Diesel 10 as Stickybeard (Stickybeard's Voice Suits Diesel 10)
  • Diesel as Chad Dickson (Chad Dickson's Voice Suits Diesel)
  • Derek as King Sandy (King Sandy's Voice Suits Derek)
  • Salty as Mr. Boss (Mr. Boss' Voice Suits Salty)
  • Daisy as Cree Lincoln (Cree Lincoln's Voice Suits Daisy)
  • Mavis as Mushi Sanban (Mushi Sanban's Voice Suits Mavis)
  • Den and Dart as Mr. Fibb and Mr. Wink

Voice Cast

  • Dee Bradley Baker - Boco, Dennis and Den
  • Tom Kenny - Rusty and Dart
  • Mark Hamill - Diesel 10
  • Jason Harris - Diesel
  • James Arnold Taylor - Derek
  • Jeff Glen Bennett - Salty
  • Cree Summer - Daisy
  • Tara Strong - Mavis


  • Boco would be a German Indiana Jones Fanboy and a Candy Explorer, Who Wears a Monocle Like Top Hat (from TUGS) and Diesel 10's Former Cabin Boy.
  • Rusty would be a Evil Dentist.
  • Dennis would be a Pathetic Villain.
  • Diesel 10 would be a Candy Pirate.
  • Diesel would be a Former Engines Next Door Operative and a Teenage Ninja.
  • Derek would be a Fake King, Who Thinks He is a Real King.
  • Salty would be a Child Hating Diesel.
  • Daisy would be a Former Engines Next Door Operative and a Teenage Ninja.
  • Mavis would be Derek's Prince.

Characters Names

  • Boco Von Marzipan
  • KnightDiesel (Aka Rusty)
  • ToiletDiesel (Aka Dennis)
  • StickyDiesel (Aka Diesel 10)
  • Diesel Dickson (Former Numbuh 274)
  • King Derek
  • Mr. Salty
  • Daisy Lincoln (Former Numbuh 11)
  • Mavis Sanban
  • Den Fibb and Dart Wink

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