Diesels of the Dare

Running Time: 60 mins


Diesel, Arry, Bert, Splatter, Dodge, Diesel 10 and The Diesel all think of a bad plan to catch Toby, a new diesel comes to Sodor but the steamies do not know that Diesel 10 and his gang created him. His name is Dieselyard named after their scrap yard. The Sodor Dieselyard a horrible place where steamies get scrapped. Dieselyard then shunts Toby to the Sodor Dieselyard. Dieselyard and the other mean diesels keep Toby where he is while Thomas, Duck, Percy, James, Edward, Henry and Gordon go to rescue Toby. Duck remembers Diesel and still wants revenge. When the steamies then trick the diesels they take Toby away and the diesels chase them. Duck derails Diesel for revenge. Donald and Douglas take Diesel away and Oliver and Duck take Arry and Bert away. Gordon has the idea to use to claw to grab Splatter and Dodge and take them to the scrap heap and deliberatley hits the button that gets the claw in action. The claw grabs the two and makes them scrapped. Gordon gets a good price for them. Diesel, Arry and Bert are taken to see The Fat Controller. Diesel 10 and The Diesel go to get Thomas but The Fat Controller stops them. The five meanies are taken away to Donald and Douglas's Jail. All the goodies cheer because the bullies on Sodor are gone for a year.


Ben Small as Thomas and The Diesel

Keith Wickham as Percy, James, Edward, Gordon, Henry, Duck, Oliver, Donald and Douglas, Dodge and The Fat Controller

Teresa Gallagher as Emily and Mavis

Matt Wilkinson as Toby, Diesel 10, Splatter, 'Arry and Bert and Dieselyard

Jimmy Hibbert as Diesel

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