Punkasaurus0530's movie sproof of Disney's Dinosaur.


  • Tai Kamiya as Aladar
  • Agumon as Zini
  • Impmon as Yar
  • Biyomon as Plio
  • Kari Kamiya as Suri
  • Rika Nonaka as Neera
  • Gatomon as Baylene
  • Palmon as Eema
  • Toothless (From How to Train Your Dragon) as Url
  • All Digimon Characters (Season 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) as The Herd
  • SaborLeomon (Digimon Data Squad) as Kron
  • Caturamon as Bruton
  • Dragons (From Reign of Fire) as Velociraptors
  • Grand King Ghidorah (From Rebirth of Mothra 3) as Carnotaurus (Male)
  • Desghidorah (From Rebirth of Mothra) as Carnotaurus (Female)

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