Digimon: XD is an American animated series produced by The Walt Disney Company and animated by Toei Animation in Japan along with Fresh TV in some scenes. This is the first recent Digimon project and the first to be fully made in America. The show's basic plot is based on Digimon: Digital Monsters and Digimon Frontier. It stars Zeke and Luther's Hutch Dano, Kickin It's Leo Howard, Pair of Kings star Kesley Chow, Lab Rats star Tyler Jackson Williams, Jessie's Debby Ryan, Mr. Young's Brendan Meyer and Crash & Bernstein's Cole Jensen. It also stars "Weird Al" Yankovic, Geno Segars, and several voice-role actors for the Digimons. Miranda Cosgrove and Ariana Grande, two actors of Nickelodeon's popular live-action series: iCarly and Victorious will be the additional voice cast in the upcoming second season.


After a collapse during a winter camp storm, six children that are campers in the site have magically teleported into the Digital World as champions to protect the world from the evil Devimon who is unreleasing demonic creatures into the Digiworld. Each character gets a Digidevice that allows them to evolve their Digimon. Also, a man named Ned, who is furious about the digital monsters, tries to shut down the Digital World with his viruses known as ninjas.

As revealed in interview by Hutch Dano that the commisioned second season will be based on Digimon Frontier in which the Digivices will be destroyed but gained brand new ones that allows them to transform into Digimons themselves in the beast form and defeat Devimon from the world.

A third season is also in the works featuring a change to the theme song and mostly focusing on the character's crushes on other Digimon and other interacitons with Digimon (many of the voiced by Disney-production actors).


  • Taichi "Tai" Kamiya (Hutch Dano): The 12 year old de-facto leader of the group who solves any problem with any ease but lacks the brains to understand and coorespond. He can be selfish and stubborn but deep down, he is always loyal.
  • Yamato "Matt" Ishida (Leo Howard): The 12-year old self-proclaimed tough guy and "lone wolf" who is the strenght of the gang but rarely thinks. He is always there to protect his little brother, TK from any harm, even if that means sacrificing his own life.
  • Sora Takenouchi (Kesley Chow): A 12-year old tomboy who does amazing adventures and would get dirty to just catch some bad guys, but she cares about her friends alot. She is almost never seen without her blue cap.
  • Koushiro "Izzy" Isumi (Tyler Jackson Williams): An 11-year old boy genius who is the brains of the group but lacks physical strength making him weak, but not as weak as Joe. Izzy enjoys chemistry and his catchphrase is "Prodigious!".
  • Mimi Tachikawa (Debby Ryan): An 11-year old Texas girl from Tennesee who is obsessed with fashion and beauty, sporting a pink cowboy hat and brown gloves and boots. Despite her spoiledness, she cares about her friends and would do anything for them.
  • Joseph "Joe" Kido (Brendan Meyer): The oldest member of the group, at the age of 14, who is the voice of reason but is a whimp and coward. He is unable to fight but serves as a bait and sacrification to his friends that he deeply cares about. Joe is also a comic book geek (otaku), having an infinite collection.
  • Takeru "TK" Takaishi (Cole Jensen): The youngest member of the group, at the age of 8, who is Matt's little brother and is very eager, agile but gets confused several times due to him not being mature enough. His last name is different because he was born when their mother remarried. TK also has an obsession with candy.


  • The Guardian (Weird Al Yankovic): The guardian of the Good plane in the Digital World who gave the gang the Digivices in the first place. He is also a fanatic with the accordian. Despite him being the main character, he does not appear in much episodes, but does serve as the narrator in some parts.
  • Devimon (Christopher Walken): The main antagonist of the series. The world's powerfulest Digimon in the world who is cursed to be stuck in the Icy Lakes unless he kills six human children that posess the legendary Digimon.
  • Kari Kamiya (Miranda Cosgrove): Tai's 9-year old little sister who appears in the second season. She will become the additional cast member of the gang.
  • Ned Neshmith (Geno Segars): The secondary antagonist of the world. A computer technician who has found the Digital World in the internet server and plans to destroy it with his robotic Ninja virtual software.
  • DemiDevimon (Gilbert Gottfried): The loyal servant to Devimon who is the only Digimon in the world without a partner because he pledged his servitute to Devimon. He is a young trickster and can get into measurements.
  • Impmon (Mitchell Musso): A lone-wolf and tough and pranking Digimon who is partners with two children; Ai and Mako, in which he protects with all his heart. He works for Devimon to give him dark power in order to destroy the Digifighters. Non-contiuniously, Impon first appeared in Digimon Tamers and not Digimon Adventures, although this show is an acception.
  • Ai and Mako Kurii (Tara Strong): Twin 6-year old children who have Impmon as their Digimon and they share him but often puts them in fights and their constant childish bickering. They are the youngest Digifighters in the show.
  • Lyman (Adam Hicks): A young traveler who was a friend of Tai when they were in kindergarten but Lyman had to move. He first discovered the Digital World when he was at summer school as an intern using the computer room and downloading the Digital World program causing him to be unauthorized virtualized in the world in which he meets Tai again. His drawing Sketchamon was released, although he could not talk. His appearance reunites Hicks and Dano since their previous work; Zeke & Luther.
  • Sabrina (China Anne McClain): A human girl who accidentally went to the digital world when using an open proxy at the library. She is Matt's ex-girlfriend who is actually psycologically insane, being obsessed with Matt because of his strength and love of sports. Sabrina was possessed with the Gothmon bug making her a demesed evil being but was reverted back to normal.


  • Agumon/Koromon/Botamon (Tom Kenny; Kevin Richardson for Champion): Tai's digimon who is courageous like his partner and transforms into Greymon.
  • Gabumon/Tsunomon/Punimon (Phil LaMarr in all forms): Matt's digimon who unlike his partner, Gabumon is more emotional and loyal. He also transforms into Garurumon.
  • Biyomon/Yokomon/Nyokimon (Selena Gomez; Grey DeLisle for Champion): Sora's digimon who is tomboyish like her partner. She transforms into Birdramon.
  • Tentomon/Motimon/Pabumon (Rick Gomez; Kevin Richardson for Champion): Izzy's digimon who is intellegent like his partner. He transforms into Kabuterimon.
  • Palmon/Tanemon/Yuramon (Debby Ryan in all forms): Mimi's digimon who can be selfish at times like her partner. She transforms into Togemon. Palmon is the only Digimon to share the same actor as her partner.
  • Gomamon/Bukamon/Pichimon (Frank Welker; Scott Innes for Champion): Joe's digimon who serves as the humorous inspiration for Joe. He transforms into Ikkakumon.
  • Patomon/Tokomon/Poyomon (Tara Strong; Antonio Banderas for Champion): TK's digimon who is young and cute like his parter. He transforms into Angemon, the most unlockable Digimon form in the world, who was cursed to be sealed forever.
  • Salamon/Nyarumon/YukimiBotamon (Ariana Grande in all forms): Kari's digimon who will debute in the second season and will be curious as her partner. She transforms into Gatomon. Unlike the rest of the Digimon, she prefers to stay in her "Champion" form as Gatomon instead of her rookie mode, Salamon.
  • Halomon and Hornamon (Cole and Dylan Sprouse): Twin Digimon that met the DigiDestined in the Forest of Plath. Halomon is the smart and collected while Hornamon is the strong and wise-cracking. Cole plays Halomon and Dylan plays Hornamon.
  • Ranamon (Olivia Holt): A beautiful Digimon who is the prettiest and considered the idle of the Honeybeemon. But after hearing that Mimi is prettier than her, she makes her servants try to make Mimi miserable by capturing her but she then uses a mystical apple that makes her nightmares haunt her. Similar to Mimi, she speaks with a Southern accent and she always refers to people as "Sugar" or "Darling".
  • Etemon (Sterling Knight): A Puppet Digimon who is a show-off and a flamboyant singer. His appearance and voice mannerism is based on a combination of Elvis Presley and Justin Bieber. He always ends his sentences with "Thank you very much" with the voice of Elvis Presley and the tone of Ed Grimley, in which both celebrities tend to say that line. Etemon has a crush on Sora, thinking she's beautiful.
  • Tobormon/Astromon/Kimbamon (Billy Unger; Frank Welker for Champion): A tough Digimon who was imprisoned for actually commiting murder on a Digimon. He was locked up in the Cosmic Prison but was freed by Devimon and was set to kill the DigiDestined. But he later made friends with him causing him to transform into Astromon. His Astromon voice is based on Unger's other character Chase from Disney XD's Lab Rats while his Tobormon is based on Chase's other persona, Spike. He transforms into Gigantormon when angered too much, causing fire and demons to fly. His name is based on old school anime shows from the 60s; Tobor the 8th Man, Astro Boy, Gigantor and Kimba the White Lion.
  • Slymon (Victoria Justice): A fox-type Digimon who serves as Sora's mentor. She has keen-eye for detail and sturdy legs allowing her to jump, see and run at greatest lenghts. She also has a powerful tail whip distractions to the enemies.
  • Motormon (Demi Lovato): A ferret Digimon who slips up on her speech when she says the wrong thing. She has ghost powers allowing her body to be intangible and can switch minds with people. She is also known as the Digiphantom, controlling all of the Bakemon (Carlos Alazraqui).
  • The Three Wise Digimon (The Jonas Brothers): A trio of simian Digimons in which there appearances, powers and mannerism are based on the three wise monkeys. They are in a singing group, similar to Etemon's talents for singing, and their harmony forms a portal to a dimension that will blow up the Digital World. Soundmon is the de-facto leader of the trio who wears headphones because he is deaf in which he turned Matt deaf, Sightmon is the second banana who wears sunglasses because he is blind in whcih he turned Tai blind and Speechmon is the last member who has stitches in his mouth because he is mute in which he turned Mimi mute. Soundmon is played by Nick Jonas, Sightmon is played by Joe Jonas and Speechmon (only says 1 line; not counting singing) is played by Kevin Jonas.
  • Vanaromon (Karan Brar): An Ojibwe-Indian young Tasmananian Devil Digimon that provides wisdom and wise decisions to the characters at times. His species of Digimon are one of the few creatures that have the power to defeat Devimon, but he cannot control his powers due to being a coward.
  • Celerymon (Sierra McCormick): A Digimon that's part celery and part fairy who pops out from time to time in order to play tricks on people. She has a slight crush on Joe Kido.
  • Phantasmamon (Matreya Fedor): A ghost Digimon with a physical appearance of a human girl. She has no memory of her past except that she thinks she is a wicked spirit. She plays the organ and she loves being intangible. It is revealed that she is actually the spirit of a deceased human girl who died when the computer was shut off when she was still processing and downloading to the Digital World server, causing her soul to haunt the program and losing her memory data of her past events. She is actually based on Phantasma from Scooby Doo and the Ghoul School with some elements of the Ice King from Adventure Time and Elie from Rave Master.
  • Matildamon (Bridgit Mendler): A prototype of the Unimon created by The Guardian to test the beta test for the original Digital World. But after the process was failed, she was scrapped in the virtual recycle bin. This is because who ever touches her binary code will transform into the exact opposite sex copy of the person who touched it. When Matt touched it, the binary code morphed into a young lady with a color scheme and clothing similar to Matt, except she's a girl. Since that day, she was renamed as Matildamon and she became Matt's love interest.
  • Sazaemon (Hayley Kiyoko): A fire-elemental Digimon who was deleted from the browser's history because she was deemed too dangerous. She was later found out that the open proxy being locked up by her father but was released free. As a fire-demon, she has the ability to shoot mighty gusts of fire. She becomes Tai's love interest as they start dating granting Tai the ability to be flame retarded. Sazaemon's name is based on Sazae-san, an anime character that lasted in Japan for nearly 50 years ago.
  • Knightmon (Blake Michael): A Digimon in a golden knight armor who helps protect the innocent and save the people from danger and harm. He speaks in Old English and becomes Mimi's crush during the course of the series. Knightmon has golden hair when his helmet is off.

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