is Broadway Family Musical Comedy in Three Acts with Music by Stephen Sondheim and Lyrics by Tim Rice. Adolph Green and Betty Comden wrote the Musical's Book together. Based on the Japanese Media Franchise of the same name and the hit Anime series by Akiyoshi Hongo and Eric Goldberg, the DigiDestined go on a Treasure Hunt to find the fabled Treasure of a mysterious Pirate Captain named Menkenmon.

The Musical opened on Broadway in 1999. It won the 1999 Tony Award for Best Musical. It is one of the longest running Show in Broadway History

The Show is produced by Disney Theatrical, New Line Entertainment, Fox Kids and Toei Animation.

By 2012, it had been seen by over 130 million people in 145 cities in 27 countries and continues to play in both New York, London, Auckland and Los Angeles.


Alan Menken and Howard Ashman payed homage to the Broadway Musicals starting with Princess Karaoke. After winning an Emmy and Annie for their song Mimi's Song, Menken and Ashman convinced Akiyoshi Hongo and Eric Goldberg to turn their Anime and Franchise into a Stage Musical. Stephen Sondheim and Tim Rice discussed writing the Songs for Digimon. Adolph Green and Betty Comden agreed to write the Book for the Stage.


The Story tells about the DigiDestined going on a Treasure Hunt to find the Treasure of the Legendary Digimon named "Menkenmon".

Act 1

Act 2

Act 3

Musical Numbers

The Songs are composed by Stephen Sondheim and written by Tim Rice.

Act 1

  1. Overture -- Orchestra
  2. "Wish You Were Here" -- Company
  3. "The Treasure of Menkenmon" -- Gennai, Menkenmon, Pirates and Captain Hook
  4. "Fish Net" -- Gomamon, Joe and Fish
  5. "Wash, Wash, Wash Away" -- Mimi, Palmon and Company
  6. "Hocus Pocus" -- Palmon and Iago
  7. "The Croc is after the Hook" -- Mr. Smee, Noodler, Mr. Starkey and Captain Hook
  8. "Sora's Song" -- Sora
  9. "Smee, Noodler, Igor and Mr. Starkey's Song" -- Mr. Smee, Noodler, Igor and Mr. Starkey
  10. "Princess Mimi" -- Company
  11. "Humiliate the Boy" -- Dr. Frankenstein, Mr. Smee, Igor, Noodler, Mr. Starkey, Captain Hook and Jafar
  12. "In the Heart of Myself" -- Company

Act 2

  1. Entr'acte -- Orchestra
  2. "Why me?" -- Jafar
  3. "The Greatest Creation of all time" -- Dr. Frankenstein and Igor
  4. "Prodigious" -- Izzy, Chico and Tentomon
  5. "Jesting Fool" -- Gomamon and Tentomon
  6. "I Can't Believe My Heart" -- Kari and T.K.
  7. "Sora's Song (Reprise)" -- Sora
  8. "Sneaky Cats" -- Joe and Mimi
  9. "The Jazz King" -- Matt
  10. "We'll be the Best of Friends" -- T.K., Harpo, Kari, Gummo, Patamon and Gatomon
  11. "I Can't Believe My Heart (Tai and Sora's Version)" -- Sora and Tai
  12. "Everything is Lost" -- Sora

Act 3

  1. Entr'acte -- Orchestra
  2. "This is your last chance" -- Dr. Frankenstein, Captain Hook and Jafar
  3. "Nobody can do the way i do" -- Tai
  4. "You will never stop me" -- Jafar
  5. "We Can't Believe It" -- Agumon and Biyomon
  6. "Captain Hook's Song" -- Captain Hook and Pirates
  7. "Magic Powers" -- Jafar and Dr. Frankenstein
  8. "Menkenmon's Revenge" -- Menkenmon
  9. "Tick Tock, the Crocodile" -- Company
  10. "Dreams Do Come True" -- Tai and Sora
  11. "Digimon are the Champions" -- Company
  12. Finale -- Orchestra


Original Broadway Production

Tony Awards

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