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Cover of the Script drawn by Howard Ashman.

Digimon 2
is a Broadway Family Musical Comedy in Three Acts and sequel to the Award-winning Broadway Musical adaptation of the Anime.

Just like the first Musical, the Music is composed by Stephen Sondheim, with Lyrics by Tim Rice. The Book was also written by Betty Comden and Adolph Green, who previously wrote the Book for their predecessor, while the Show is directed by Harold Prince.

The Show premiered at the Jerome Robbins Theater on Broadway New York City in February 24, 2000 and was a Critical and Financial Smash-Hit. It is now the tenth longest-running Broadway Musical.

In 2001, it was made into a Highly Successful Motion Picture Sequel to the first Film.


Act 1:

The Show begins with the new Digidestined arriving at New York City, New York, checking out the City and seeing famous landmarks (New York City, What a Wonderful Town).

Act 2:

Yolei starts crying and tells the others to go on without her. Seeing her seriousness, Zeppo suggest that they should take Yolei's advice and so they did. However, Davis decides to stay with Yolei and starts comforting her (Please Just Go).

All alone at the abandoned Ice Skating Rink, Yolei starts remembering the times when she was a skilled Ice Skater and was claimed "Rockefeller Queen" before her accident. Yolei decides to become an Ice Skater once again and starts an Ice Skating Ballet (Rockefeller Queen (Yolei's Version).

Act 3:

Original Broadway Cast

Musical Numbers

Act 1

  1. Overture -- Orchestra
  2. "New York City, What a Wonderful Town" -- DigiDestined and New Yorkers
  3. "Charleston Groove" -- The Mask, Davis and Willis
  4. "Rockefeller Queen" -- Ice Skaters, Michael Ford, New Yorkers and Contestants
  5. "There's No Turning Back Now" -- Digimon Emperor, Jafar, Electra, Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein
  6. "Revenge Will Be Ours" -- Captain Hook and Pirates
  7. "Digiport Open" -- DigiDestined
  8. "That Cursed Crocodile" -- Captain Hook and Pirates
  9. "Veemon's Travelling Song" -- Digimon
  10. "Baddest Gun in the West" -- Electra
  11. "DigiArmour Energize" -- DigiDestined and Digimon
  12. "Revenge Will Be Ours (Reprise)" -- Digimon Emperor, Jafar, Electra, Captain Hook and Dr. Frankenstein

Act 2

  1. Entr'acte -- Orchestra
  2. "Please Just Go" -- Yolei and Davis
  3. "I Doubt That" -- Hawkmon, Veemon, Grovermon and Gonzomon
  4. "Aye, Aye Sir" -- Mr. Smee, Noodler, Alf Mason, Bill Jukes, Mr. Starkey, Fosse, Bernstein and Pruner 
  5. "Pipe up the Crew" -- Captain Hook, Mr. Smee and Pirates
  6. "Please Just Go (Jafar's Version)" -- Jafar
  7. "Yolei's Lament" -- Yolei
  8. "You and Me" -- Cody, Armadillomon and Zeppo
  9. "That's Who I Am" -- T.K., Kari, Patamon, Gatomon, Harpo and Gummo
  10. "The Snow of Happiness" -- Davis
  11. "Rockefeller Queen (Yolei's Version)" -- Yolei
  12. "I Had a Dream" -- Yolei, Davis, Hawkmon and Veemon

Act 3

  1. Entr-acte -- Orchestra
  2. "Song of the Heart" -- T.K. and Kari
  3. "Somebody Stop Us" -- The Mask and Grovermon
  4. "Pull the Switch" -- Dr. Frankenstein and Igor
  5. "All I Care About is You" -- Yolei and Davis
  6. "Spells and Curses" -- Jafar, Dr. Frankenstein, Pretorious and Electra
  7. "Digimon Emperor's Soliloquy" -- Digimon Emperor
  8. "Together as Friends" -- The Mask, Genie, Grovermon and Gonzomon
  9. "Scurvy Scalliwags" -- Captain Hook
  10. "Rockefeller Queen (Reprise)" -- Company
  11. "Digimon are the Champions" -- Company
  12. Finale -- Orchestra


With the success of Digimon, Adolph Green, Betty Comden, Stephen Sondheim and Tim Rice are all involved in a Sequel as part of Digimon Adventure 2.

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