Digimon Hunters is a fanfic written by Scifantasy. There are 52 chapters, not all have been released. It is based after Digimon Adventure Zero Two.


The story starts 50 years after the world was saved from Malomyotismon. The digital world was expanding so much that a new digital world was created. New digimon appeared on the second world. Unfortunately, no one was able to get to this new world. They decided to name the first world Alero and the new one Zeta. However, a dark digimon has taken control of Zeta and is terrorizing the digimon there. Eight kids from around the world are sent new digivices. They, unlike most of the world, didn't have digimon partners.


Jason Baker

  • Age: 17
  • Crest: Courage
  • Partner: Velocimon
  • Country: United States
  • Bio: Jason was one of those kids who was always pushed around just because he was one of the only people in the world without a digimon partner. But that all changed when he was brought to Zeta to fight the evil Darklordmon.

Gregory Lake A.K.A. Gre

  • Age: 16
  • Crest: Friednship
  • Partner: Kabumon
  • Country: United States
  • Bio: Gre was one of those kids who felt left out because he didn't have a partner. He pushed everyone away because he thought that they felt sorry for him, so he never had any frieds. That was until he was brought to Zeta.

Rei Nozama

  • Age: 16
  • Crest: Love
  • Partner: Birdmon
  • Country: Brazil
  • Bio: Rei grew up in poverty with two siblings who both had digimon partners. Her parents, who also had partners, were barely able to support them. Her parents were never there for her and her siblings didn't like her because she didn't have a digimon partner, so she never felt any love.

Leslie Burskoff

  • Age: 15
  • Crest: Sincerity
  • Partner: Scrubmon
  • Country: Russia
  • Bio: While in school, she was really stuck up. Her family was rich and she believed that people thought that she was too snobby to have a partner. When she got Scrubmon, her attitude was that now she thought that she was better than them. Her experiences on Zeta do change her for the better.

Elie Windsor

  • Age: 16
  • Crest: Hope
  • Partner: Gizamon
  • Country: England
  • Bio: Elie had been hoping to get a digimon partner for years. But eventually she gave up hope. Shortly after, she gave up hope with everything else. But when she got Gizamon, her attitude quickly changed.

Kyo Izaki

  • Age: 17
  • Crest: Light
  • Partner: Felimon
  • Country: Japan
  • Bio: Kyo grew up with people not telling him anything. He believed that they were keeping him in the dark and soon darkness grew over his heart, but after he got to Zeta, he found the light within himself and realized that it didn't matter what anyone else said or thought.

Lao Wong

  • Age: 15
  • Crest: Knowledge
  • Partner: Crabmon
  • Country: China
  • Bio: Lao always got straight A's and even skipped a grade. But she always felt alone inside. She was brilliant but had no idea what to do with her intelligence. Her twin is Tao.

Tao Wong

  • Age: 15
  • Crest: Reliability
  • Partner: Crabmon
  • Country: China
  • Bio: Tao is president of his class and wants to help everyone he can. But while doing so, he found that while he helped people, they only relied on him as a person, not as a friend. His twin is Lao.


Darklordmon - This is the main bad guy throughout the entire fanfic. He uses black orbs to control other digimon.

The Elemental Lords - These were four digimon created by Darklordmon using part of his own data.

The Eight Generals - These were eight digimon that were given power by Darklordmon to do his bidding.

Minor Characters

Lordmon - Lordmon was the one who brought the digidestined Zeta to help fight Darklordmon. Lordmon's Army - This was an army of Digimon who wanted to help the digidestined in defeating Darklordmon.

  • Apemon - A traveling salesdigimon who got caught up in the battle when he was taken over by Darklordmon. He wears a vest and helps the digidestined on multiple occassions.
  • Rig - Rig is a Dinotigemon who helps lead the army.
  • Orbmon - A vampiric digimon who can created special orbs that he uses as shields, weapons, and a good amount of other things. He assisted the digidestined when he was freed from Darklordmon's control.

Nosa - Nosa was created from data, black orbs, and some of Jason's DNA. His full name is Nosa J Rekab. His partner is Blackvelocimon. He only appeared for a short while before disappearing. The Dark Digidestined - They only appeared once before dissappearing as well.

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