The Digimon Theme, composed by Elton John and written by Tim Rice, first appeared in the English version of Digimon Adventure.



Composer Stephen Sondheim contributed the Footages to create the Montage in every Opening sequences.

Digimon Adventure

  • The DigiDestined fall through the City and in a strange portal includes Tai, Sora, Matt, Izzi, Mimi, Joe, T.K., Kari, Genie and the Mask.

Digimon Adventure 2

Digimon: Digital Monsters

  • The Faces of Davis, Cody, Yolei, the Mask, T.K., Kari, Willis and Genie appear
  • Davis and T.K. start to dash through the Cave
  • Zeppo and Cody dodge a giant dart

Digimon: Sssssmokin

  • Genie and the Mask run through Edge City Streets
  • Jafar zaps with his Scyptre
  • Captain Hook fires the Cannon
  • Dr. Frankenstein pulls the switch

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