Taiki Kudou as Cole Evans

Nene Amano as Taylor Earhard Zenjirou Tsurugi as Max Cooper

Kiriha Aonuma as Danny Delgado

Akari Hinomoto as Alyssa Enrile

Shoutmon as Merrick Baliton

Lunick as Jason Lee Scout (From Pokemon Ranger)

Ash Ketchum as Tommy Oliver (From Pokemon)

Jimmy as Theodore Johnson (From Pokemon Chronicles)

Davis Motomiya as Andros (From Digimon: Digital Montsers)

Jack Walker as Leo Corbett (From Pokemon Ranger and The Temple of the Sea)

Taichi "Tai" Kamiya as Carter Grayson (From Digimon: Digital Monster)

Takuya Kanbara as Wesley Collins (From Digimon Frontier)

Kouji Minamoto as Eric Myers (From Digimon Frotier)

Gingka Hagane as Aurico (From Metal Fusion Beyblade)

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